Make your neighbors jealous with the 36 x 72 aluminum fence manufactured by North West Aluminum!

How different can be a 36 x 72 aluminum fence? After all, it is the most basic height an aluminum fence could have. At a first sight, it does not show anything special. However, if you meet North West Aluminum team you will understand that a standard 36 x 72 aluminum fence can be unique.

NW Aluminum offers all-inclusive services when it comes to aluminum fence manufacturing. Safety is the most important element for our crew. Therefore, we use high-quality materials, follow strict environmental standards, and make sure we do a complete installation using modern equipment.

We are one of the largest aluminum producers. When you choose a 36 x 72 aluminum fence it means that you are looking for moderate security. This fence height is the most common height our clients ask for. It is your decision whether you want the pedestrians look over your fence.

In addition, there are certain areas or neighborhoods where the law does not allow other heights than this one. We are always updated with the latest legislation changes and we follow them with attention. Therefore, we created the 36 x 72 aluminum fences as the most versatile option for the cases when the law is too strict.

What are the benefits of North West Aluminum fencing solutions?

  • Modularity. Our experience has shown that a happy client is the one who does not have to wait too much for their fence to be installed. Therefore, we created the modular 36 x 72 aluminum fences which are extremely easy to install. We will take care of the measurements and make sure we will install your fence in just a couple of hours.
  • Durability. Aluminum is one of the most resistant materials and North West Aluminum is using the best version of it. We do not compromise on quality and we want to offer our clients solutions that last for a lifetime.
  • Low-cost maintenance. Thanks to the high-quality materials, our aluminum fences are very easy to maintain. They resist to any weather conditions and do not require any efforts from your side.
  • Versatility. NW Aluminum is trying to please even the most difficult clients. Our colors’ palette managed to please all our clients so far. In addition, we offer powder-coated painting which means that your aluminum fence will not change its color years on end.

Add to all these features one of the most convenient prices on the market and you will congratulate yourself for choosing us. North West Aluminum offers complete solutions for residential and commercial projects. Our clients are very important for us and we concentrate our efforts to meet their requirements.