North West Aluminum is not a manufacturer that just sells fences. We are your one-stop-shop for aluminum fences and gates.

Have you ever thought why the height of your fence is important? There are many reasons why people choose tall or small fences. For instance, someone choosing an 8 ft aluminum fence will transmit the message that he needs extra privacy and security. These kinds of owners do not want anyone to be curious about their property and therefore they prefer building a high fence and keep things for themselves.

On the other hand, there are other people who are not so focused on how tall their fence is. These are the people who do not have a problem with their neighbors being curious about their residence and who choose smaller fences like a 60-aluminum fence.

North West Aluminum has an extensive experience in manufacturing aluminum fence panels and gates. We are recognized as one of the leading aluminum manufacturers in Canada and we are proud to be on the podium for many years already. We offer a wide portfolio of aluminum fences and gates, aiming to meet all our clients’ needs.

One of our most popular product is the 60-high aluminum fence. Why do people choose this type of fence? 60 aluminum fence panels are extremely versatile. Our clients choose these fences to surround their residence or use it to separate various areas of their backyard. However, one of the most common reasons why our clients choose the 60-inch aluminum fence is to surround their pool.

North West Aluminum stays up to date with your state’s legislation. Therefore, we know very well that the current legislation does not allow citizens to install small fences around their pools. According to the laws, in order to prevent any fatal accidents, a pool fence should have an average height of 60 inches.

North West Aluminum stays on top of our clients’ preferences!

What is more, North West Aluminum 60 black aluminum fence differentiates itself from other comparable products on the market because:

  • We use top-quality materials for our fences and gates;
  • Our 60-aluminum fence will resist for a lifetime;
  • NW Aluminum products do not need expensive and time-consuming maintenance;
  • Our aluminum products are covered in powder-coated paint which extends the products’ lifespan and is very resistant;
  • Our 60 aluminum fence panels will resist to the hardest weather conditions;
  • NW Aluminum offers competitive prices.

Call North West Aluminum today and order a 60-aluminum fence for your pool or to protect your residence. Count on us for top quality products and an excellent customer service experience.