North West Aluminum is ready to exceed your expectations!

When you first order an aluminum fence, what is the first thought that goes into your mind? Most of our clients are focused from the beginning on the fence’s durability and strength. NW Aluminum is one of the leading experts in Canada on the aluminum market. Therefore, when one client calls us he knows very well that he can ask even the impossible because we are capable to achieve it.

We like to say that we find solutions even for the most impossible situations and the substantial number of clients we have so far are the living proof that we really can do it. Our aluminum fences stand from the crowd because they are very resistant and versatile. We can adapt to our clients’ requirements and we manage to please even the pickiest tastes.

What is more, we pay attention to offering affordable prices. We operate on a competitive market and we know very well that it is not enough to just offer top-quality products. After all, it is the money who rule this world and we must do everything we can to be affordable for any type of client. What is even more harder is that we need to keep ambitious standards in terms of quality even if we keep the prices as low as possible.

North West Aluminum is your partner for aluminum fencing!

Every client is different and has different requirements. However, all our clients ask for durable aluminum fences that impress by design. How do we manage to combine these elements? The answer is very simple. We use sturdy metal aluminum fence post inserts. They are very easy to install and help us increase the resistance of our aluminum fencing systems. Therefore, especially when we install the gates, it is not necessary anymore to fill the gate post with cement.

In addition, thanks to the resistance offered by the metal aluminum fence post inserts we can guarantee to our clients that their fences will resist for 20+ years. It does not matter in which part of the country you live; our fences will stand on any weather conditions. And the impressive benefits do not end here.

NW Aluminum fencing systems require minimum maintenance. As soon as we finish the installation, our crew will teach you some simple techniques that will keep your fence in a very good shape for years. You do not need to make any new investments in hiring other teams who would clean your fence or in buying expensive cleaning products. Our aluminum fences will resist without putting all this effort.

Finally, our crew is extremely dedicated to satisfying our clients. Therefore, we are available to working during the weekends and install your aluminum fence as soon as possible. Our aluminum assemblies are modular which means that we will install them in no time.

All in all, you can count on North West Aluminum as your number one provider of aluminum fence panels and accessories. We are always up to date with the latest innovations on the aluminum market and we proud to be able to offer our clients professional collaboration experiences. Call us today and ask for a free quotation. Our team will be happy to meet you.