North West Aluminum offers the most affordable solution for 9 ga aluminum electric fence wire in Canada!

Have you ever asked yourself why do farmers use electric fencing to protect their farms? There are many reasons, but the most important one is to protect their livestock from attackers. What is more, the power fencing is one of the most common methods used by farmers to control their livestock in the farm. However, the present regulations do not recommend using electric fencing for cattle handling, especially around milking facilities.

Why should you need an electric fence? Usually, you can find farms in isolated places. You will not find a farm in the city where you can benefit from increased protection against wild animals. Therefore, you need to find your own solutions and protect your animals from being attacked. As soon as you bring “fresh blood” to your farm, the wild animals will immediately feel the smell and will come closer to your ranch to attack.

North West Aluminum understands the farmers concerns for their livestock safety. This is why we introduced in our catalogs the 9 ga aluminum electric fence wire. You can use it as an extra safety method to keep your farm safe. We are aware of all the efforts you make to increase your farm’s productivity and raise more animals. Therefore, we offer you personalized solutions in terms of electric fencing which will keep any predators away.

Aluminum electric fence wire offer you increased protection and flexibility!

North West Aluminum is recognized for being among the best aluminum manufacturers in Canada, able to offer high-quality materials that never disappoint our customers. When you choose to install a 9 ga aluminum electric fence wire, you are not only protecting your livestock, but you are also protecting your own life.

Therefore, we are aware of how important it is to install an electric fence that has a good conductivity and is able to efficiently keep wild animals away. Our 9 ga aluminum electric fence wires carry the charge 4 times better than steel. They are excellent for perimeter fencing.

In addition, our aluminum products will not rust. Once you decide to invest in a 9 ga aluminum electric fence wire, you will not have to change your fence. It will resist for a prolonged period and does not need too much maintenance from your side. Therefore, you can rest assured that you paid the best value for the money.

Call us now and order your next 9 ga aluminum electric fence wire. Protect your livestock and yourself from wild animals thanks to NW Aluminum electric wire fencing.