Prefab Aluminum Railings

North West Aluminium is Canada’s premier manufacturer of innovative prefabricated aluminum railing systems for DIY-savvy homeowners and contractors alike.

Install your prefab aluminum railing and deck systems on the ground or on balconies multiple stories up – it offers complete installation customization. Importantly, our engineered snap tight aluminum railing components exceed safety standards in terms of loading and spacing to ensure the safety of its users, making it the finest railing systems available.

These innovative, cost-effective and maintenance-free prefab aluminum railings can be used:

  • as handrails
  • as gates
  • for fencing
  • as pool surrounds
  • as stair or ramp rails
  • and around decks.

We have been supplying Canadian homeowners, construction suppliers, contractors, builders and installers with prefabricated aluminum railings for XX years. We have a wide range of standard snap tight aluminum railing products, and we offer unmatched custom manufacturing capabilities.

Our versatile prefabricated aluminum railings combine durable efficiency with affordable beauty and minimal maintenance to bring you a a range of innovative products. Use them in tight spaces indoors or outdoors, as the snap tight aluminum railing systems easily integrate into any project.

Our 100% pure high-quality prefabricated aluminum railings and components are rust-resistant and easy to install, ensuring convenience and affordability that lasts for many years.

North West Aluminum has an extensive range of prefabricated aluminum railings, gates, scrolls, castings, fences, panels, parts and components. Now you can order all your components individually or separately in a kit. Our engineers will gladly advise you on the options and technical specifications to ensure the best results for your indoor or outdoor space. We will package it as economically as possible to reduce shipping costs.

Browse our website or call 647-952-5023 if you’re interested in beautifying your property with North West Aluminum’s extensive range of Β prefab aluminum railings.