Protect your farm with aluminum electric fence wire 12 ga from North West Aluminum!

Choosing an electric fence is the most common decision that you could make when you want to protect your property. Especially when you have a farm it is very important to keep your livestock protected from wild animals. You may think that installing a tall fence is enough when you want to protect your farm. However, the animals are intelligent enough to not be stopped by just a fence. You need something more.

The aluminum electric fence wire 12 ga is the most practical solution to ensure that you keep your livestock in your farm. It also keeps wild animals away from your ranch and pasture area. North West Aluminum is proud to offer you complete solutions when it comes to electric aluminum fencing. We offer not only quality but also affordable prices.

Why is aluminum electric fence wire the best solution on the market for a farmer?

In comparison to steel, the aluminum electric fence wire 12 ga is more expensive. However, the advantages offered by the aluminum electric fence exceed any expectation. First, the aluminum electric wire has a better conductivity. Therefore, the safety level it offers is maximum.

In addition, everyone knows that the aluminum is very resistant. You will never see an aluminum wire rusting. This means that once you install it on your property, you can use it for a lifetime. You can successfully use it for a permanent use. In addition, thanks to its excellent conductivity it is perfect for wide fences, protecting big farms or properties.

When you choose this option, it is very important to keep in mind that the electric power is very dangerous. An aluminum electric fence wire 12 ga will easily hurt a horse or a bull. Therefore, it is vital to think better when and where you will install your fence. It is extremely helpful in keeping wild animals away, but you should take additional measures in terms of safety for your family and animals.

North West Aluminum is always up to date with the latest regulations for electric fences. Therefore, if you are a farmer or a rancher who wants to protect his property, our experts will be at your disposal to offer valuable advice on this matter. This is how you will stay away from dangers and ensure maximum protection to your farm.

Call NW Aluminum today and tell us about your location, needs, and fence size. Our customer service department will ask you several key questions to shape your profile and offer you tailor-made solutions for your needs. One of our professional team will come to visit you in order to have a full picture over the situation and prepare a competitive offer for you.