Spicing Up the Design of Your Black Aluminum Porch Railing

Wow-worthy designs from NW Aluminum!

Aluminum porch railing is also known as deck railing. It may come in different shapes and sizes. Among the common choice of homeowners is black aluminum porch railing. This color provides sophistication and elegance without being too loud. You can also jazz it up using accents and design pieces.

Black Aluminum Porch Railing Design Ideas

Aluminum porch railings come in different designs. Simple designs utilize wooden balusters. Nevertheless, there are several homeowners that wants to go with a specific design fit for their home’s exterior. Here are some of the designs which you can select from.

  • Classic – This style is the most popular porch railing design. It has straight balusters that are equally spaced. With this, it provides a cleaner look just like the usual wooden round balusters.
  • Traditional – This style of railings provides a clean finish in your porch. Unlike wooden balusters, the aluminum railings are not bulky.
  • Colonial – Balusters that have a colonial style are generally ideal for most front porches. They look like wooden baluster but have less obstruction with the view. This is because of the length of the diameter of its spindle.
  • Baroque – Also called as architectural, this railing style is composed of curvy body. This adds wave patterns on your porch. They are easily noticeable because of their unusual shape. Moreover, it is easier to install as you just need to attach the upper and lower railing with proper spacing.
  • Estate – Similar with wooden square balusters, this style works well on a variety of porch designs. Whether you have a Victorian or country-themed home, this porch railing works well.

In general, these styles are great options for people who plan to install aluminum porch handrails. Nevertheless, one can add details on the railing. There are decorative items such as the items identified below which you can add on your usual railings.

  • Baskets – To get a more sophisticated design without breaking the bank, baskets are a great addition to your regular balusters. You just need to slide them on the balusters and screw tightly. They are easy to maintain and can last for a long time.
  • Centerpieces – These are attached on balusters to add style on your simple porch handrails. They are usually the accent pieces.
  • Ring Collars – Homeowners can use multiple ring collars on the railings as a design. It can also be added with baskets and centerpieces.

These items can add an appeal to your usual porch handrails. It can provide a more distinct look without going overboard with design expenses.

Get Your Ideas Planned and Executed With NW Aluminum

We, at NW Aluminum, aim to provide low maintenance and durable railing which can withstand different weather conditions. It does not only perform well in terms of functionality, but it also provides additional appeal to your home’s exterior.

Should you wish to play with designs and add-ons, it is highly recommended to get a quality black aluminum porch railing. For inquiries about how you can get one, contact NW Aluminum by phone at 647-952-5023 or e-mail at info@nwaluminum.com.