The advantages of installing a cast aluminum garden gate

The biggest advantage one gets over cast aluminum garden gates is the variety of ornamental styles for an elegant addition to the home. The looks of a residential property come alive with a style statement in the guise of a sleek aluminum gate that comes with the added advantage of durability and longer life expectancy.

Aluminum garden gates are a sophisticated addition to any garden

Your garden especially can look beautiful with a cast aluminum garden gate that adds a sophisticated touch of class opening up into a beautiful garden. In case you didn’t know, cast aluminum gates are available in a variety of colors .Aluminum gates are lightweight products’ that can be used in a versatile manner for a number of exterior projects. Thus, cast aluminum would be an ideal choice for aluminum driveway gates, yard gates farm gates and walkway gates but perhaps a cast aluminum garden gate is what makes all that difference to the aesthetic look of any home.

What makes cast aluminum driveway gates or garden gates a preferred choice is the weather resistant, anti corrosive and rust proof features that make it an attractive prospect for commercial and residential gate solutions.

Here’s why cast aluminum garden gates are preferred over iron or wood

  • Aluminum can be customized to your specifications
  • Gates with single structural unites or doubles panel gates
  • Variety of designs and colors
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Powder coated finish
  • Maintenance free even for mechanism
  • Choice of colors
  • Rust free, corrosion free and weather resistant
  • Cast aluminum finials and rings

Cast aluminum gates feature several qualities. If you are looking for something that you want lasting a lifetime but won’t empty your pockets, then Northwest Aluminum has the best product for you. As a market leader in the aluminum gate and fencing industry, we produce some of the finest cast aluminum garden gates keeping in mind every factor that strengthens a gate to be strong and rust free.  

Cast aluminum is always a smart choice giving you value for money

Cast aluminum garden gates are a smart choice simply because there is no question of corrosion, rust or decay. Once you use aluminum, you will learn how cheaper and stronger your gate will be in comparison to wood.

NW Aluminum manufactures cast aluminum garden gates keeping in mind several features and with complete automation. Thus, you have a smart gate that you can open and close at the click of a button. Every aluminum gate produced by Northwest aluminum is built for optimum safety and security. We ensure every product is built under stringent guidelines of environmental conservation making us an eco-friendly company.

A cast aluminum garden gate is a wise investment that comes with zero maintenance.  Northwest Aluminum manufactures aluminum gates with the mark of quality that accompany’s every product. We can help you in every aspect of owning a gate right from customization and purchase to installation.