Top-Graded Aluminum Deck Railing in Canada

We offer quality aluminum deck railing service and installation.

Ever wished to get your patios all dressed up so you can lay there and bask under the sun? We at NW Aluminum are more than happy to serve. Now you can improve the elegance of your patios, deck and balconies with our different pre-built aluminum deck railings. We do customize as well for your DIY needs.

All our aluminum products are graded with the highest quality of aluminum making it free from possible corrosion. Aside from this, all our products can be easily installed without any professional background knowledge. But, if you an installer we will be more than willing to serve you.

Why Choose Us?

We offer easy to install and professional looking aluminum deck railing systems in Canada. And because we understand all of our clients’ needs when it comes to outdoor improvements, we offer only best of all aluminum home improvements.

  • Durability. All of our materials are engineered to withstand all types of weather and offers little to no maintenance.  
  • High Quality. Corrosion is never an issue with our aluminum products due to its top graded material.
  • Versatile Design. We offer a wide variety of colors and style to help you get the results you want. A mixture of different materials is possible too.
  • Easy to install. Whether you are a pro or not, all of our aluminum deck railings in Canada, will make you feel like a pro when getting your project done.

How It Works?

Our team of professionals will be with you from planning to installation. Rest assured, we will guide you over the whole process until you get your project done.

  • Planning. We will first sit and have a talk with you regarding your project. After hearing you out, we will be giving professional insights on what are viable or not to help you get that dream project of yours done. Nothing beats a well-planned project.
  • Material Composition. We offer not just aluminum components. To give you a customized an elegant feel on your project, we can mix and match materials present.
  • Installing. When all are ready, you can install the railings with or without our team’s professional efforts and supervision.

What’s More?

As a company who aims to improve aluminum deck railing systems in Canada, we are investing our efforts in learning and advancing our techniques to give the quality service and products of your home improvement projects.

  • Continuously Improving. We strive to continuously offer our clients the latest and innovative railing solutions we could ever think of.
  • A Mixture of Style and Durability. With a modern feel and artistic designs, we value the mixture of quality and aesthetics over our welded to precision aluminum deck railing system.
  • Building Relationship. Whether you are in Toronto or GTA area, you will have your railing professionally done.

For more inquiries about our products and services, you can visit us or give us a call at 647-952-5023. Our friendly staffs will be more than happy to serve you.