Try the 14-gauge aluminum electric fence wire and benefit from maximum protection!

We live in the era of technology and information. We can find information online on any possible subject. If you are a farmer, you will be amazed by the many advice you find on the internet about increasing your farmโ€™s productivity and safety. When it comes to safety it is very important to pay attention to two different aspects.

On one side you want to control your livestock. You would not want them to โ€œevadeโ€ from your farm and then have difficulties in finding an animal. What is more, any farm owner knows that you need to fence the land into small spaces where you will lead the animals. Therefore, you need to build many fences which should be resistant and safe.

On the other hand, you will build your farm in a wild landscape. This means that you need to focus a lot on extra safety measures. You and your livestock are constantly exposed to different threats. Whether we are talking about wild animals or any other types of attackers, you need to keep your animals alive. In addition, you cannot expose yourself and put your life in danger when you want to protect your farm.

What is the best solution to protect your ranch?

When you decide to install a 14-gauge aluminum electric fence wire on your property, one of the first benefits you will receive is increased visibility. Therefore, your electric fence will be visible from a long distance both for animals and people. However, it is not enough if you want to keep wild animals away. You need something more.

North West Aluminum is proud to offer you one of the most powerful electric wire fences on the Canadian market. Our 14-gauge aluminum electric fence wires charge 4 times more than the steel electric wires. This means that as soon as a wild animal gets too close to your farm, it will immediately feel the electric power and will never come back near your farm.

In addition, NW Aluminum is a trustworthy aluminum supplier. Our products have proved to pass the test of time. Our clients know that when they order a 14-gauge aluminum electric fence wire from NW Aluminum they are making a lifetime investment. We offer extended guarantee for this type of fences and we are 100% confident that our products will resist for a prolonged period.

Finally, our electric wire fences are lightweight and very easy to install. We will not spend too many hours installing your fences. You know what this means for your pocket? Savings! You will not have any surprise costs from our side. We work in a very transparent way and we keep our customers permanently updated in terms of costs and works progress. Call us today and ask for a personalized offer!