Try the aluminum railing panels from North West Aluminum and you will understand what it means to combine quality and low-maintenance in one package.

Dare to try something different when it comes to aluminum railing panels. North West Aluminum is ready to offer you the classic look of aluminum wrought iron fence panels but in a totally different package in terms of quality and maintenance.

If you are a property owner, you know that once your construction is over you have to advance to the next phase which is the fence design. Each property owner wants safety and privacy when they order their aluminum fence. What is more, they also want the aluminum railing panels to look stylish.

NW Aluminum follows rigorous international standards in terms of environmental and health protection. We take things very seriously and we do not want to disappoint our customers. Therefore, we invest in our staff’s trainings and knowledge. Whenever we recruit a new team member we observe important qualities like seriosity, work ethics, and customer interaction.

Why should you choose NW Aluminum railing panels?

North West Aluminum focuses on offering a different experience to our clients. We offer competitive prices and we wrap everything in high-quality materials and durability. Even if it is hard to believe, you can now buy quality aluminum railing panels at an affordable price.

NW Aluminum differentiates itself from other competitors on the Canadian market thanks to various features like:

  • Product variety – whether you prefer the renaissance or cathedral styles, NW Aluminum is ready to meet your exigencies. We know that our customers want to impress with unique colors and styles. This is why we are always ready with various colors and accessories that will impress you.
  • Extended warranty – every aluminum railing panel, gate, or accessory comes with extended warranty offered by NW Aluminum. We trust our products and we take pride in being one of the fewest manufacturers on the market who is rarely solicited for repairs or replacements.
  • Easy installation – our team knows that your time is important. This is why, once you order your aluminum railing panels we will manufacture, execute, deliver, and install your fence in just a couple of weeks.

Unlike other fence manufacturers on the market, our aluminum railing panels do not rust. Our fences are built to serve you for the rest of your life. What is more, you do not have to worry about expensive cleaning products. Our aluminum railing panels require minimum maintenance. We will teach you some simple and easy to follow tricks and you will see how easy it is to take care of your aluminum fence.

North West Aluminum is your winning bet as the professional aluminum manufacturer. We will offer the highest quality materials at an affordable price combined with modern design and colors.