Turn your residence into a refuge from all the quotidian stress and noise and protect it with a 5-ft x 8-ft black aluminum fence panel!

Once you finished building the home of your dreams there is one thought that immediately strikes your mind: how do I protect my home from any possible threats? We don’t think there are many homeowners who would want to allow the pedestrians or neighbors constantly look over their fence. In addition, who would like dogs jumping their fence very easy and devastate their backyards?

North West Aluminum comes with the solution and brings a unique aluminum fence with uncommon dimensions on the market. Our 5-ft x 8-ft black aluminum fence panel will offer you the privacy you always wanted, keep the dogs away, and mask any undesired street views.

Why is NW Aluminum manufacturing such aluminum fence panels?

First, we are a leading expert in the aluminum industry. In order to keep ourselves on the top of our clients’ preferences, we make sure we come with innovative solutions and meet the most exquisite tastes. The 5-ft x 8-ft black aluminum fence panel comes as a response to our clients’ requirements for more privacy and security.

When you have such a tall aluminum fence it is impossible to think that your property is exposed. It is very difficult, even for the most athletic persons, to climb and jump over such a high fence. Not even animals are able to jump over this type of fence. So, we are proud to say that we are among the fewest aluminum fences manufacturers in Canada who can offer such a high degree of privacy and security to our clients.

In addition, we use high-quality materials and make sure we are offering durable products. It is not an easy job to install an aluminum fence with such dimensions but for NW Aluminum nothing is impossible. We count on our specialized teams to complete such pretentious projects. We have especially trained our crew to make sure there will be no errors and our clients are completely satisfied with the services and materials we provide.

Even though we are talking about uncommon dimensions, this doesn’t mean that we cannot be a bit playful. Therefore, we offer the same variety of colors for all our fences, irrespective of their dimensions. Who said that a high aluminum fence doesn’t need a touch of color and elegance? NW Aluminum broke the norms and decided to play with colors and styles even when it comes to the 5-ft x 8-ft black aluminum fence panel.

Did we convince you? Call us now and schedule an appointment with our amazing crew. They will be happy to hear your project’s story and assist you.