Vinyl vs. Aluminum Deck Railing – Which is Better?

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Vinyl vs Aluminum Deck Railing

Looking at your different options will help you know which railing is best for your property. There are different railing materials that you can choose from. Checking and comparing their qualities is essential.  Read on to understand the difference between vinyl and aluminum deck railing. By the end of this section you will surely come up with the best choice.

Aluminum Deck Railing Vs Vinyl: In Terms of Durability

If you want to install a railing on your deck, one of the things to consider is the durability of the material. You surely don’t want to spend on a railing that will easily break or rot. Looking at the quality of the material is important because everyone wants to get quality railing for the price they paid for.

In terms of durability, aluminum, although it is light weight, it is very durable and can serve you for years. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and does not easily rot and corrode. On the other hand, vinyl, as compared to aluminum, does not level to it in terms of durability. Vinyl, even if the environment is ideal, my shrink and deteriorate over time. Also, vinyl is not fire resistant and melts if its near fire.

Vinyl railings are usually made with a coating that protects it from the sun. But, it still isn’t enough because over time it may crack and fade. When a vinyl railing is accidentally burned, it can be a hazard as this releases dangerous fumes. But one good quality of vinyl is when exposed under the sun, does not get warm, unlike aluminum. However, aluminum deck railings offer resistant to extreme heat and sunlight. It is powder coated that ensures strength and durability.

Aluminum Deck Railing Vs Vinyl: In terms of Design

In terms of design, vinyl offers a variety of options that you can choose from. There are also vinyl railings that are processed to look like wood making it an attractive match to a wooden deck. Like aluminum vinyl also offers various colors.

Both of the materials have their own pros and cons. But, in making a decision, we also need to consider that the visual effect of the material should not compromise its quality. You can also save more if you don’t have to constantly maintain your railing, like aluminum. So what do you think, which is better? You decide.

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