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How to Install Aluminum Railing on Concrete

Adding a porch rail can be as beneficial as having a deck railing in your property. For one, a porch rail can be used especially by the elderly to climb up or down the front steps with ease. Aside from that, it can also prevent slipping on the steps especially during wet seasons, thus lessening accidents at home.

Some homes have a concrete patio that is leveled on the ground. However, this should not be a hindrance to build a railing for the sake of everyone’s safety. After all, it’s not only on wooden surfaces that you can build a safety railing. Nevertheless, installing a railing on concrete can be more effective against termites or other insects, as well as the risk of instability coming from a wooden foundation.

For the steps on how to install aluminum railing on concrete, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Identify the exact location where you will put the post and bracket. Mark that point, making sure that the bracket is aligned to the railing’s direction.
  2. After screwing the nut flush on the end of the concrete anchor bolt, drill a hole to the bolt stem and blast the hole with compressed air. Clear any dust and debris afterwards, then repeat the step until a perfect fit for the bolt is achieved.
  3. To attach and secure the bracket and post, hold the bracket and place the bolt on top of the drilled hole. Using a hammer, place the anchor into the hole until it is flush with the bottom plate.
  4. Secure the base plate into position and screw the nut tightly. Or, you can inject the hole with concrete epoxy and hammer the anchor and clean up the excess epoxy. Wait for the epoxy to set, and then tighten the nut afterwards.
  5. Meanwhile, cut the post using a circular saw, and subtract a 1-inch standoff from the target length. Then, use a rafter angle square as a fence against the base plate of the saw, and then align the post into its final position. Secure the post bracket using a nail or bolt.

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