What makes a powder coated aluminum garden gate so special

While an aluminum garden gate can increase the aesthetics of your garden or walkway, it wouldn’t make much sense if it wasn’t powder coated.  A powder coated aluminum garden gate is what you really need to give you style with an added benefit for high durability. Even in rain or bad weather, your gate is protected at all times.

Powder coated aluminum gates are a smart choice

An aluminum gate with powder coating is a smart purchase and who better to buy it from that a reliable gate manufacturer likes Northwest Aluminum.  With our range of beautiful powder coated aluminum garden gates and driveway gates, you will never be left wanting with  a product that features every element of safety, security, sophistication, style and durability.

When you consider installing an aluminum gate to your garden, driveway or walkway, be sure to insist it is a gate that comes protected with a baked on or dipped powder coat finish. This prevents corrosion and your gate will feature a permanent shine.  You won’t have to be concerned with repainting, polishing or repairs because aluminum is rust free and anti corrosive, two huge reasons to invest in aluminum garden gate.

Quality and affordability are the two main elements about aluminum gates

Powdered coating aluminum gates are now a huge trend among the community with NW Aluminum catering to all and sundry. We stock an impressive inventory of the highest quality of fencing, railing and gates. Aluminum powder coated garden gates are a big hit and there is no reason why you too shouldn’t have one to improve the beauty of your garden. We are affordable without compromising on strength and quality. Our products address all of your security concerns too, even as they light enough to handle.

What’s more, when you choose Northwest Aluminum for your powder coated aluminum garden gate, you get to choose from a range of lovely colors and textures. Every gate is manufactured with the latest gate technology for utmost performance. Powder coating the gate ensures it lasts and looks great on your property for a very long time.

Powder coating an aluminum gate is a complex process that involves preparation and cleaning of the product. Treatment is then done through dipping into electro static charged color powder of different colors or powder spraying. It would be wise to choose a color that blends into the design and aesthetics of your garden without being too harsh on your personality.

Once a gate is coated, it is baked and melts to from a solid layer on the surface of the aluminum. Once it catches hold, it will prevent all rusting and corrosion which is what makes an aluminum powder coated garden gate a much preferred item today.

Why choose a powdered coated aluminum garden gate

  • Gates won’t scratch easily
  • No chipping or fading or abrasions
  • Exceptional finish that lasts
  • Eco-friendly and doesn’t pollute the air
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Requires a single one time finish
  • Resistant to weather related damage
  • Longer life expectancy than painted gates
  • Absorbs less heat

The durability factor is what makes a powder coated aluminum garden gate a big investment for any property. If you have chosen a gate already, then contact Northwest Aluminum and we will help you customize your gate and make the best choice.