White Aluminum Spindles in Canada

White aluminum spindles for outdoors and the interiors of your home

The white aluminum spindles by NW Aluminum come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can pick and select from our thick catalog of designs. For the most part, customers find something they like installed in their homes or places of business.

But there are those who already have a design in mind, and only need the technical expertise to make it a reality. That’s where we come in.

NW Aluminum definitely have the experts who can fabricate white aluminum spindles exactly as you envisioned it.

When you order from us, you get the guarantee of superior quality product, experienced fabricators and installers, and friendly service.

Guarantee Beautiful Results Every Time

Our balusters are maintenance-free and will immediately upgrade the look of any tired deck or porch. They can also be installed in exterior stairs and rails in both residential and commercial applications.

They do cost slightly more compared to wooden balusters but they last twice or thrice as long so you actually optimize the value of your investment. You can also be more creative in terms of the design because of the malleable characteristic of aluminum.

North West’s aluminum balusters can easily be mistaken for wrought iron, except you will only be paying a fraction of the cost.

Although our white aluminum spindles are designed for outdoor use, they are also perfect for indoor guard rails, stairs or dividers. All our products are treated and cured to ensure durability even if they are exposed to the elements.

Of course, when you install them indoors, you will only extend the lifespan of the balusters.

Your One-Stop Shop for Handrails

Nobody likes paperwork, right?

With NW Aluminum, we take that burden off your hands.

If there are documents to be submitted or if the particular project needs a permit, we will file the necessary papers in a particular agency and incorporate the fees into the overall cost.

As you know, building a deck requires a permit, especially those that are constructed 30-inches above the adjoining grade. For railings, the code requires a certain distance in between for safety and structural integrity.

NW Aluminum prides itself on always going the extra mile to satisfy the customer. Why let you suffer through the boredom of dealing with the bureaucracy?

Our job starts from the moment you call our number and talk to any of our customer representatives. They are trained to go beyond to make sure that the caller doesn’t hang the phone more confused than when he first dialed.

All customer representatives are ambassadors of the company in their own right. That’s why it’s important to us that they receive the proper training so they know the minute details of white aluminum spindles, aluminum railings and any of our products.

Order White Aluminum Spindles from NW Aluminum Today

NW Aluminum remains one of the premier companies when it comes to white aluminum spindles and other aluminum products. Our lines are always open for you, and our friendly personnel are ready to talk to you. Call our hotline number at 647-952-5023 today for ocular visits, free estimates, and queries,