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NORTH WEST ALUMINUM COMPANY: Rails, Gates, Fences and other accessories.

We work on both residential and commercial projects.


NW Aluminum offers railings and fence installation services, starting from the estimate to the final installation.

Aluminum Yard Fence
Backyard Fence
Aluminum Deck Fence
Deck Fence
Aluminum Garden Fencing
Garden Fence
Outdoor Aluminum Fence
Outdoor Fence
Pool Fence
Modern Fence
Ornamental Fence
Decorative Fence Gates
Backyard Gates
Fence Gates
Pool Gates
Glass Balcony
Glass Deck
Exterior Glass Railing
Exterior Glass Railings
Frameless Glass Railing
Frameless Glass Railings
Glass Porch
Glass Porch
Glass Stair Railing
Balcony Fence Railing
Balcony Fence
Exterior Balcony Railing
Exterior Balcony Railing
Aluminum Juliet Balcony
Aluminum Juliet Balcony
Aluminum Outdoor Railing
Outdoor Stair Railing
Aluminum Deck Stair Railing
Stair Deck
Porch Stairs
Porch Stair
Aluminum Stair Baluster
Stair Baluster
Outdoor Deck
Outdoor Deck
Deck Aluminum Baluster
Deck Baluster
Modern Aluminum Deck
Modern Deck Railing
Aluminum Baluster
Aluminum Columns
Decor Aluminum Railling
Decor Railing
Aluminum Glass Guardrail
Aluminum Handrails
Aluminum Pickets
Aluminum Posts
Aluminum Top Rails
Top Rails

What do we offer

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NW Aluminum provides aluminum railing and fence installation services in Toronto and GTA. Our line up includes over 200 designs to choose from, in addition to custom orders. We employ industry veterans, possess the proper equipment and tools to deliver high quality output for your project.

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“Wonderful railings installed for my living room curtains and windows are great show of professionalism and work ethic. Highly recommend these people to everyone out there who wants to do work in a budget. Thanks”

Lilly In Toronto 30
Jan 2019

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About Product


No Rust

Aluminum will not rust like Iron
Corrosion resistant qualities
Aluminum has a much longer life span than other materials
Aircraft-grade, aluminum alloys that receive either an anodized or powder coated finish.



Powder coated provides a superior long-lasting finish that will not have to be repainted
Aluminum railings will not splinter or rot like wood railings. Virtually maintenance free
Can be wiped clean of dirt and stains without the need for bleach, solvents, varnishes
Requiring less maintenance and reducing replacement costs in the future.


Great Price

Reasonably priced products
Financially Technically Environmentally sound.



Safety for your home and visitors
Provide a high level of safety while providing a unique
signature to the project’s exterior.


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the Value

Clean, elegant, and structurally robust
By working closely with your design team, we can provide your project with a world-class, balcony railing system that won’t hurt your budget.
Provide an innovative and distinct visual signature to buildings. Envy of your neighbors.



Integrate into construction projects seamlessly
An extremely clean installation that is free of exposed
base plates and unsightly concrete anchors

We can integrate matching, framed glass gates into the design.



Aluminum and stainless steel are among the most recycled materials within the building industry. Aluminum and stainless steel is 100% recyclable with no loss in quality.
Our systems are prefabricated to the greatest extent possible, minimizing onsite waste and improving the overall environmental performance of our product.

Ideas For You

Outdoor Aluminum Fence
Black Aluminum Decorative Fencing for Yard
If you are living on a hillside or near the slopes, you may need to consider black aluminum decorative fencing installation. They can easily overcome the natural obstacles that come along the way like hills, slopes, and dips.
Aluminum Posts
Aluminum Pool Fence Cost
It is common for people to get a sticker shock when they go shopping for the fence. The cost of fencing mainly depends on two major factors. One is the linear foot you require and the second one is the type of the fencing you are planning to install.
Aluminum Pickets
Choice Between a Wroght Iron or Aluminum Gate
A major deciding factor in choosing between a wrought iron or aluminum gate is a good gate manufacturer who can provide you a superior quality gate with the all of the versatility and durability of aluminum.
PVC vs. Aluminum Railings
We offer our high-quality railing products and services in Toronto, GTA, and nearby areas. We both work on residential and commercial projects, we know the needs of our every customer and we make it our priority to satisfy them.
Aluminum Top Rails
Aluminum Glass Railing Price Per Foot
North West Aluminum offers you a great opportunity to install an alluring design that will match your lifestyle goals. Aluminum with glass railing is one of the most creative ways to make your property standout.
Deck Aluminum Baluster
Painting Outdoor Aluminum Railing
Few things can transform a home like a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps you’ve just moved into a home and you’re not exactly thrilled about the color, or maybe your old railings are outdated and you’re hoping a new color will make it look better.

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