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NORTH WEST ALUMINUM COMPANY: Rails, Gates, Fences and other accessories.

We work on both residential and commercial projects.


NW Aluminum offers railings and fence installation services, starting from the estimate to the final installation.

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What do we offer

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NW Aluminum provides aluminum railing and fence installation services in Toronto and GTA. Our line up includes over 200 designs to choose from, in addition to custom orders. We employ industry veterans, possess the proper equipment and tools to deliver high quality output for your project.

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“Wonderful railings installed for my living room curtains and windows are great show of professionalism and work ethic. Highly recommend these people to everyone out there who wants to do work in a budget. Thanks”

Lilly In Toronto 30
Jan 2019

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Aluminum Railings in Toronto

Aluminum railings with glass panels give the staircase a special appeal and style to the interior if they are made according to the design features. This is the main aim of us as aluminum railings suppliers. Our aluminum railings can turn your staircase into a real work of art. In recent years, products from aluminum railing manufacturers in Ontario have been in the highest demand as they have a lot of positive qualities.

What are Aluminum Railing Kits?

Our aluminum railing company offers a full cycle of services in the field of design, manufacture, and installation of various staircases and railings made of aluminum. When installing aluminum railing in Toronto, we follow all the necessary building codes, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

The presence of any stairs as such requires the presence of their fences. Aluminum railings are one of the most optimal types of stair railings. We offer stair railings made of aluminum profiles with subsequent powder coating. Also, tempered glass panels are now very often added to them.

About Product


No Rust

Aluminum will not rust like Iron
Corrosion resistant qualities
Aluminum has a much longer life span than other materials
Aircraft-grade, aluminum alloys that receive either an anodized or powder coated finish.



Powder coated provides a superior long-lasting finish that will not have to be repainted
Aluminum railings will not splinter or rot like wood railings. Virtually maintenance free
Can be wiped clean of dirt and stains without the need for bleach, solvents, varnishes
Requiring less maintenance and reducing replacement costs in the future.


Great Price

Reasonably priced products
Financially Technically Environmentally sound.



Safety for your home and visitors
Provide a high level of safety while providing a unique
signature to the project’s exterior.


Ads to
the Value

Clean, elegant, and structurally robust
By working closely with your design team, we can provide your project with a world-class, balcony railing system that won’t hurt your budget.
Provide an innovative and distinct visual signature to buildings. Envy of your neighbors.



Integrate into construction projects seamlessly
An extremely clean installation that is free of exposed
base plates and unsightly concrete anchors

We can integrate matching, framed glass gates into the design.



Aluminum and stainless steel are among the most recycled materials within the building industry. Aluminum and stainless steel is 100% recyclable with no loss in quality.
Our systems are prefabricated to the greatest extent possible, minimizing onsite waste and improving the overall environmental performance of our product.

Do Aluminum Rails Rust?

Aluminum railings as metal stair railings have two processing options:

  • mirror (polished) surface;
  • brushed (satin, matte).

Metal stair railings made of aluminum do not require any additional processing (painting). Railings made of aluminum are not subject to corrosion, have an attractive appearance, and are highly durable. Aluminum deck railing by its aesthetic, mechanical, and anti-corrosive properties is not inferior to the railing made of stainless steel.

Is Glass Aluminum Good for Outdoor Railings?

Yes, aluminum railings are ideal for outdoor applications. Their corrosion and weather resistance make them an excellent choice for installation on outdoor patios, balconies, and stairs. In addition, aluminum handrails are even installed near swimming pools. This is a great way to make an area both safe and attractive.

Aluminum railings will not be affected by rain, snow, or sunlight, and will remain reliable and beautiful for many years. This is guaranteed by aluminum railing manufacturers. We are constantly evolving and utilizing modern technology to ensure our products are versatile and durable. Additionally, aluminum deck railing does not require complicated maintenance.

Why Choose Aluminum Railings Toronto?

Many business owners, as well as owners of private homes and cottages located near the sea and on the coast, have already appreciated the reliability, durability, and corrosion resistance of stair railings, and terrace and balcony railings made of anodized aluminum.

In addition to durability and resistance to corrosion, aluminum deck railing has significant advantages compared to structures made of wood and painted metal:

  1. A railing made of aluminum is half the price of a similar one made of stainless steel;
  2. No welding work is required when installing aluminum deck railing, so it is easy to install;
  3. The deck railing can be mounted on any surface, e.g. tile flooring;
  4. Railings made of anodized aluminum do not get dirty, do not require maintenance and periodic painting;
  5. Due to the corrosion resistance, anodized aluminum railings can be installed in water, for example, as a railing for the descent into a swimming pool;
  6. The railings are assembled from separate standard parts, thus achieving a high speed of order fulfillment and they are easy to repair;
  7. The variety of design elements allows the most unusual customer requirements to be met.

Product Details



3″x3″ Post Caр


3″x3″ Pyramid Cap


2″x2″ Post Cap


4″x4″ Pyramid Cap


End Caps




Hand Rail Bracket




2″ & 3″ Ball Cap


3″/4 Spear


1″ Spear



railing accessory

3″/4 Collar

railing accessory

1″ Collar

railing accessory

Touch-up Paint

railing accessory

Touch-up Paint


Glass Mount

railing accessory

3″/4 or 1″ Picket Plug


Gate Lock
Great for pools


Gate Latch


Decorative Butterfly


Decorative Scroll

What are the Disadvantages of Aluminum Railings Near Me?

Our aluminum railing systems have many advantages. But the disadvantages of this material cannot be overlooked.

First of all, aluminum is a good conductor of heat. Therefore, the railing will be warm in summer and cold in winter.

Aluminum railings do not rot or deform like wooden railings, but they are also susceptible to scratches and other damage. There is no eternal material, aluminum also has its own shelf life. But in case of damage, they can be powder-coated and thus restored to their former beauty.

How Much Does Aluminum Guard Rail Cost?

It is difficult to name the exact cost of railing. It is different for all aluminum railing suppliers and depends on many factors. First, the price will depend on the size and construction of the railing, as well as its design and style. 

On average, a basic aluminum railing can cost anywhere from $40 to $140 per square foot. However, if you need a unique and complex design, the cost may be higher.

Also included is installation and delivery to your home or commercial building. This may involve different costs depending on the complexity of the project and your location.

Is Aluminum Railing Expensive?

Today, aluminum railings are not considered a luxury item or a design delicacy. At the same time, they demonstrate the good taste of the homeowner and are affordable for everyone who would like to decorate the stairs originally. Despite the rather high cost of aluminum as a metal, the cost of manufacturing the railing, as well as the subsequent care for them are insignificant, which makes aluminum railings a product available to any buyer with an average income level.

Overall, aluminum railings are a good alternative to iron railings in terms of both cost and features. To find out the exact price, please contact us for a free estimate.

Is Aluminum Railing Near Me Cheaper Than Wood?

Aluminum guardrails are usually cheaper than wooden railings, and here’s why:

  • Aluminum is one of the most affordable and common materials. It is also cheaper to produce compared to wood. Wooden structures require more intricate workmanship than aluminum handrails.
  • Wooden railings and handrails may require regular maintenance. They also require insect treatment and moisture protection. This will increase your future maintenance costs.
  • Aluminum handrails can be designed and manufactured with a high degree of standardization, which reduces labor and simplifies installation, as well as lowering the overall cost.


railing accessory










model name






railing accessory

1″ x 1″ Used as Intermediate Post

railing accessory

2″ x 2″

railing accessory

3″ x 3″

What Aluminum Glass Railings Are Suitable For?

Aluminum is a metal with excellent performance characteristics, so in recent years, more and more home and office owners have chosen it as the main finishing material. Aluminum handrails are also widely used in shopping and entertainment centers, multi-story buildings, manufacturing plants, etc.

Aluminum rails can be installed on many different types of steps, including front steps, concrete steps, wooden steps, and brick steps. That’s why you will find aluminum structures for residential and commercial applications.

Aluminum and Glass Railings for Commercial Businesses

Aluminum handrail system with tempered glass panels is a versatile solution for commercial buildings:

  • For ramps: Any commercial establishment needs to provide free entry for all people. These railings provide safe and free movement for all visitors including for people with disabilities.
  • For lofts: In commercial buildings, aluminum railings can be used in lofts and stairwells to provide safe access to these areas.
  • For walkways: Aluminum railings can serve as guardrails along walkways within a commercial building, ensuring the safety of visitors and employees. It also helps in cases of traffic accidents as an additional guardrail.
  • For entrances: Aluminum entry railings can be installed at building entrances, creating an attractive and modern look while providing support and security for entry and exit.
  • For entryways: Our aluminum balusters can accentuate the interior and exterior of a building right at its entrance.

Railing Aluminum For Residential Buildings

Undoubtedly aluminum railings are needed for the home:

  • For stairs: Aluminum railings give you the ability to move safely between floors of your home, as well as keep children and pets safe.
  • For deck: Aluminum railings on your deck add functionality and help divide the yard into different zones. They also beautify the exterior of the home and provide safety while relaxing in the backyard.
  • For porch and balcony: Aluminum railings on a porch or balcony keep you safe from falls.
  • For steps: On steps inside and outside the house, aluminum railings provide safety when climbing up and down.
  • For garage and yard: Aluminum railings can be used to enclose garages and yards, increasing safety and improving the overall appearance.
  • For gazebos and patios: In gazebos and on patios, aluminum railings add functionality and style while providing protection and safety.
  • For mobile homes: Mobile home owners can use aluminum railings in Toronto to safely access their homes and create pleasant areas to relax.

Aluminum Glass Railing for Indoor and Outdoor Space

As far as safety concerns go, the aluminum railing solution is versatile for all situations. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

We have been producing aluminum railings for many years and are 100% confident in their quality. Our designs are safe and durable, which is the most important thing for your new railings.

Contact us today for a consultation. Tell us all your ideas and we will make them a reality with aluminum.

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