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Garden Aluminum Stair Railings Exterior


The garden staircase is a natural and substantial solution to make the garden or backyard a cozy as well as safe area. Garden stairs on slope serve both an aesthetic function as well as providing safety for all residents of the home. Many materials are now available for the manufacture of garden aluminum stair railings outdoors.

However, one of the most efficient, modern, and practical solutions in Toronto is the garden staircase with aluminum railing. Therefore, below we will talk about why such railings are needed, what types there are, and how to build garden stairs properly.

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Using aluminum railing for a garden or backyard provides a wide range of possibilities in design and functionality. This material is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor environments. Aluminum railing designs can be varied. We have everything from classic and elegant to modern and minimalistic garden steps railings.

Modern Minimalism

Simple, perfectly flat aluminum railings with straight lines and minimal details emphasize modern style. This design with warmer tones fits perfectly with modern gardens or patios. This garden stairs design will be appropriate for any retaining wall and can accentuate its exterior.

Glass Panels

Using clear glass combined with an aluminum frame will help create a clean and modern look. That said, it’s a great solution for those who don’t need privacy. So if you want an open and spacious backyard garden, choose aluminum railing with glass panels for outdoor stairs.

Material Combination

Do you have natural stone steps, or concrete slabs with pea gravel in your garden? No problem, the garden staircase stone matches perfectly with the aluminum handrails. Because of its eco-friendly and classic look, aluminum will not only complement but enhance the look of any hillside sidewalk. You can add your own ideas to the design to make it even more authentic and unique!

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Commercial Brown (CB)

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Staircase Garden Installation

A lot depends on the installation of railing for concrete steps in the backyard garden, namely safety when traveling and the overall exterior of the site. Therefore, it is important to first choose the right design and then perform a quality installation in accordance with all building codes.

If you don’t have the proper skills, tools, or time, we offer professional installation services. In doing so, we guarantee the quality, safety, and perfect landscaping design of your staircase. However, we will now explain the basic outdoor steps of installation so that you understand how it should be done.

#1 Preparation and Measurement

If you do not have them, you need to pour concrete. Then you need to measure the exact dimensions of the steps while taking into account the corners and the entire structure of the staircase. Also at this stage, it is necessary to choose the color and material of the railing.

#2 Marking and Fastening

After purchasing the railing, you need to make markings on the steps. It means marking the places where the railing is to be fixed. And then according to the markings you need to drill holes. It is vital to use good tools to make the right holes and not to damage the steps themselves.

#3 Installation of Railings

Then the base of the railing must be fixed in the holes with fasteners. They are usually included with the railing. At this stage, you need to pay special attention to the position of the railing before final fixation. The garden railing must be level and firmly installed.

#4 Final Checking

After that, make sure that the railing is completely safe, sturdy, and secure. Then you can cover the railing with decorative elements, or protective substances if you wish (however, we offer ready-made designs with rust treatment, and can also create a customized solution for you).

Summing up

The backyard garden with surrounding flora is a focal point to relax. Make it cozy, attractive, and safe with our aluminum railings in Toronto. Contact us for the best design selection as well as quality installation today!

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