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About Aluminum Guardrail


Guard rails provided much needed protection and safety for people when they are using ramps and stairs. Without guardrails there would be many fatalities and architectural design would be limited in scope. North West Aluminum design and manufacture of aluminum guard rail is premised on providing safety.

NW Aluminum guardrail systems are designed to offer you a multitude of benefits. When you install aluminum guard rail you are getting:

  • A system that’s beautiful and easy to install. You can install it yourself. If you want us to do the installation for you we promise it will be very affordable.
  • A system that will withstand blustery weather conditions and come out looking as elegant as the first time you installed it.
  • We offer different finished for example powder coating which enables you to choose from dozens of colors.  Only your imagination will restrict you.
  • A system that requires minimal maintenance.
  • A versatile system that will meet your precise specifications for the project. The aluminum guardrail systems are designed to respond to residential, commercial and industrial project needs.

These benefits will give your building project a bit of swagger and uniqueness. Our custom designed aluminum guard rail meets safety requirements and gives the WOW factor without coming foul of construction regulations.

NW Aluminum Crafts People Are Imaginative

We have dedicated craftspeople who put together aluminum guard rail kits. They work with your specifications to come up with a design that works. We thrive on beautiful practicability. Meaning that we won’t sacrifice practicability for beauty or vice versa. We will deliver on both expectations.

Come into our offices and tell us what you need and we will begin work on unique aluminum guardrail system for your purposes. You will then choose the one you like most and we will manufacture it for you.

At the end of the process you’ll be a satisfied client.

Take a few minutes out of your schedule and call us and find out what we have to offer. Or schedule an appointment and have a sit down with our imaginative craftspeople. The number to dial is 647-952-5023.

A call you won’t regret.

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Are You Ready To Start?

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Color Palette

Ellipse 2-6

Pewter (P)

Ellipse 3

Cashemere (CM)

Ellipse 6

White (W)

Ellipse 4

Commercial Brown (CB)

Ellipse 8

Sandalwood (S)

Ellipse 5

Clay (C)

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Black (B)

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Aluminum railings, stairs, and fences of the highest quality for homes, buildings, and public areas.


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