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Frameless Glass Railing System in Toronto


Glass and various structures made of it are some of the most noticeable and definite trends in modern construction and design. On the streets of Toronto we are surrounded by glass facades and other translucent structures, a sign of good taste and wealth can undoubtedly be called the frameless glazing of a staircase, deck, or balcony.

In private homes, frameless glass stair railing is being installed every year as intensively as it used to be with wooden railings. In this article, we would like to review the main advantages of interior frameless glass railing, as well as tell useful information about the selection and installation.

When are Frameless Glass Fences Required?

Thanks to their versatility, frameless glass railings at home have a huge range of applications in modern residential buildings. Glass railing systems are increasingly being installed in public and industrial buildings, apartments, and private houses. Now there are even frameless glass basement railings. The extensive application is explained by the properties of the design. Let’s consider what is recommended to install a frameless tempered glass railing.

Frameless Glass Railings for Decks

A deck or terrace with a glass railing system will become one of the most original exterior features of any building. Such a design will allow one to contemplate the beauty of the surrounding world in a mesmerized and relaxed manner, forgetting about hardships for a moment. This means that deck railings should automatically be safe and not distract a person from the beautiful. To give additional strength to the deck panels, installers use several types of fixing elements:

  • bottom profiles;
  • turnbuckles;
  • fasteners on the ends;
  • point fasteners.

If desired, the glass for filling can be made colored, frosted, put on drawings, etc. To reduce wind loads and reduce drafts, the seams of slide glass panels are sealed with silicone. A significant advantage of glass railing construction is that it is collapsible – if necessary, it can be dismantled and reinstalled in another place.

Frameless Glass Railing for Stairs

Modern design solutions provide for the use in the interior and exterior of glass railings for stairs of several types. This classification depends on the design features of a particular staircase, the complexity of installation, etc. The most common types of frameless glass railings for stairways are:

  • rack (the material for the racks can be very diverse – metal, aluminum, stainless steel hardware, etc.);
  • with point fixation (glass is fixed to the end of the staircase or frameless glass railing on parapet wall is used, which maximizes space-saving and gives the construction reliability and integrity);
  • with hidden fasteners (for aesthetic reasons fasteners are decorated).

At the glazing of a staircase, it is impossible to forget about a railing. They, as it is known, give the person walking on the stairs more confidence in movement. Glass panel with aluminum handrails perfectly performs this function. Each of the above-mentioned constructions can have a handrail of various shapes (circle, square, etc.). If desired, a frameless glass railing with handrail can be decorated with LED lighting, which fulfills both practical (lighting at night) and aesthetic functions.

Frameless Glass Railings for the Balcony

In a situation where you can’t fully glaze and insulate your balcony, the best frameless glass railings in Toronto are a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution. Our catalog offers several types of railings, each of which will transform the overall look of your balcony:

  • fences with press post caps, filled with frosted or transparent glass;
  • designs with hidden fasteners (the glass is fixed to the premium railing line made of aluminum and decorated);
  • fences with point fixing (glass is fixed to the end of the concrete block, which simplifies the process of washing the structure and saves living space).

Whichever frameless glass railings thickness and design you choose, each of them will be spectacular, reliable, and safe.

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Why Choose Frameless Glass Railings Near Me?

Frameless glass fences are one of the most attractive among all types of fences. They can be used anywhere and look stylish and modern. Glass combines with all materials and styles used in interior design. Visually fragile material is as strong as traditional structures made of metal or wood posts. Buying a glass fence can be even in a house with small children. To be sure you can choose stronger glass.

Such qualities are achieved thanks to the technology of its manufacture. Glass is subjected to heat treatment at a temperature of 600-700°C. After heating, it cools evenly. Tempered glass railing systems have several advantages, among which we can highlight:

High Strength

The translucent panel is 8-12 mm thick and can withstand heavy loads. Tempered glass is hard to break, but even if this happens, it will not fly into shards and will not hurt anyone, and the whole structure will not lose its strength.

Resistance to Mechanical Damage

The material will not lose its attractive appearance. It does not leave scratch marks, cracks, and other damage.

Environmental Friendliness

Glass belongs to the group of environmentally friendly materials and does not change its properties over time. So it’s a low-maintenance alternative for wood and metal structures.

Easy Care

Unlike many building materials, glass does not burn out under sunlight, is not subject to corrosion, and does not require impregnation with special compositions. To maintain its appearance, it is enough to wash it and wipe it thoroughly with a cloth.

Relatively Low Cost

Frameless glass railing price in comparison with other materials is much lower. Therefore, these fences with vertical slots are available to everyone in Toronto.

best frameless glass railings

Frameless Glass Railings Installation

Self-supporting glass railings are mounted using an almost invisible fastening. This solution gives the impression that there is no fence or railing, while the glass itself is weightless.

Mounting with the use of posts (special frames) looks more durable and stable. This type of construction allows you to add to the fence various wooden or forged elements. Often, for the manufacture of such staircase protective structures glass with increased strength (thickness is 5-20 mm).

Also, a very popular method of fastening clamping profiles. This type of construction allows you to leave the attachment open (visible), or hide it. In this case, the handrail is also attached not to the glass itself, but to the profile above.

Point fixing of glass in the fence is carried out with the help of special holders. In this case, the handrail is attached to the glass.

It is very difficult to install the glass system with a vertical slot by yourself, and there is a risk of damaging the structure during the process or violating its safety. Our specialists are always happy to help you and use professional equipment to install glass panels so that they are durable, safe, and beautiful.

How to Choose Frameless Glass Railings Modern?

Choosing frameless glass panels to enclose your balcony, stairs or deck can greatly improve the look and functionality of your space. It is important to consider a few key aspects when making your decision:

Material for the Structure and Assembly Fasteners

Pay attention to aluminum. This material provides corrosion resistance, is lightweight, and strength, making it ideal for outdoor and in-home use.

Glass Thickness and Strength

Choose a glass of the optimum thickness, usually 8-12mm. We offer tempered panels for increased safety.

Design and Transparency

We have a variety of options for these panels. Transparent panels provide the best view, but frosted or engraved glass can provide more privacy. Therefore, it can also be a stand-alone system.

Care and Maintenance

Glass fences are virtually maintenance-free, but still need to be dusted occasionally and repaired in time in case of damage.


Compare the cost of different options and choose panels that fit your budget. With us, you can find a glass panel to fit any budget.

Professional Installation

We offer the services of our experts to install glass handrails to ensure proper and safe placement.

By following these tips, you will be able to choose the right frameless glass panels with aluminum bases that will not only beautify your space but also ensure safety and functionality. Contact us for a free consultation, assistance in choosing the perfect fence, and professional installation according to building code requirements.

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