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At North West Aluminum, we not only offer high-quality aluminum stairs for decks and fences but also do the installation. Our highly professional workers with state-of-the-art equipment will be happy to qualitatively install aluminum railing with tempered glass panels for you. But, if you want to do it yourself, we will leave expert advice in this article, so that you will succeed.

We offer over 200 railing and fence designs to choose from, so you won’t have to get stuck with boring and same-old looks. Plus, we do customized designs depending on your liking. We gladly provide our excellent products and superb client service in Toronto, GTA, and nearby areas.

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About Aluminum Deck Railing

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Is Aluminum Good for Deck Railing?

The home is everyone’s comfort zone. It is only understandable to want only what’s best for it. From the smallest detail to the biggest purchase, it’s normal to be critical about the nitty-gritty of things. The same is true when looking for the best aluminum deck railing system. After all, what is at stake here is not only the beauty of your home but the safety of those who live or visit there.

Why Choose Aluminum Railings with Tempered Glass Panels?

Aluminum is a very popular material for creating glass railing for decks. This is, of course, no accident. We manufacture aluminum railing because of their unique qualities.

The main feature of aluminum is its corrosion resistance. This is why aluminum deck railings Canada are great for outdoor use. When combined with glass panels, it is practically a timeless design. There are also many different aluminum deck railing ideas available now, you can match the product to the design of your home and deck or choose something colorful.

In addition, these aluminum deck balusters are very lightweight. They are easy to install and maintain. But this does not affect the durability and aesthetic appeal. Aluminum railings with glass panels will fit perfectly into any deck design and make it even better. Because of the high strength of aluminum, such glass railings will withstand heavy loads and impacts.

How Long Do Aluminum Deck Railings Last?

Aluminum railings are very durable and do not need special care. It can withstand high humidity and any atmospheric phenomena. At the same time, it will not rust or deteriorate. Aluminum railings are not deformed by impact or mechanical damage, which allows them to be used without repair for many years.

As for care, it is very easy to do. To maintain their chic appearance, aluminum railings should be wiped with a damp cloth with soap or detergent. If you want to create a unique design, then of course the railings can be painted. But it is far from necessary as with iron. And without painting, aluminum railings for decks with glass will last you for many years.

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Are Aluminum Deck Railings Expensive?


Aluminum is a very common material, so it is not that expensive to mine and process. For example, wrought iron products will be much more expensive based on the complexity and length of production. Also, because of the light weight of aluminum, it is cheaper and faster to ship both our production facility and the finished products to your home by Canada shipping.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, aluminum does not rust. Therefore, you will not have to spend extra money on regular painting or special anti-corrosion products.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the cost of wood and aluminum deck railings is proportional to their quality. By ordering such railings you will not overpay and at the same time get a quality product for many years. As we have so many different products in our range, you will be able to find aluminum balusters to suit any budget.

Advantages and disadvantages of Aluminium Railings

Veranda aluminum railings have both advantages and disadvantages. It is important to study them and understand whether such products are suitable for you.


  1. Corrosion resistance: The best aluminum railings for decks do not rust, so they can be used outdoors. They can also withstand high humidity, salt, rain, and snow.
  2. Durability: Aluminum is a very strong and durable material, on such a railing for decks aluminum will be able to lean and not be afraid to fall.
  3. Lightweight: Classic aluminum railings are quite easy to install and transport. There are plenty of terrace aluminum railings reviews about it.
  4. Easy maintenance and long-lasting beauty: Aluminum railings do not need painting and special treatment against rust. They are also durable and maintain their excellent appearance for decades. These railing are therefore suitable for residential and commercial applications.
  5. Large selection of designs: We offer a huge variety of different models. You can find an aluminum railing for every taste. Whether it is a classic design or a modern black aluminum deck railing, we have something to offer you.


  1. Thermal conductivity: Aluminum conducts heat well. Therefore, aluminum railings will be slightly warm in summer and cold in winter.
  2. Cost: This is a relative disadvantage, as outdoor aluminum railings can be more expensive than wooden ones, but many times cheaper than iron ones.

How to Install Aluminum Railing on Deck?

You already have a welcoming deck at home, and now it’s time to add a deck railing. A white aluminum deck railing is mostly required by the local building code, mainly for safety purposes. It also provides privacy and improves the overall aesthetic of your house or structure. While most building companies offer railing installation as part of their service, some prefer to do it on their own.

For one, most deck railing kits are easy to install as long as they have detailed instruction manuals and the appropriate equipment. Plus, curved aluminum deck railing kits often have lots of designs available, so you can choose what would best suit your structure’s overall look.

If you choose to DIY, here are some reminders you should take note on how to install aluminum railing on deck:

Consider the Measurements
As part of the local building code, it is important to determine specific dimensions and spacing for the deck railing. Usually, most building codes require aluminum gates for decks that measure around 36 to 42 inches high with 4 inches of space between each baluster at most. However, it depends on the area or region. Do not ignore these rules, the installation of the railing must be legal to avoid future problems.

The Post and the Rails
Most railing sets require installing the post first before going on to the rest of the parts. Likewise, durable hardware such as a bolt or screw is important in building a sturdy railing. Some deck railing kits come with additional accessories, so it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s manual. When you get your rail kit be sure to study its composition.

Aluminum Deck Railing Installation
So you have considered a rail kit, how to install aluminum deck railing? First, attach each rail to the plugs, and then take the brackets and screw into the post at the appropriate height for the railing. Secure the rails into position using a drill, then proceed to install all of the posts as per required measurement. You should also mark the position of the railing for measurement accuracy.

Finishing Touches in Installing Aluminum Deck Railing
Place a rail kit into the lower bracket on each rail post. Make sure that the plugs fit on the railing before putting the top rail onto the plugs. Attach the top holes through the plugs at the bottom. Next, secure the railings to the aluminum posts for decks using screws that fit well to the railings. Continue until all railings are secured. You can now add a paint job or accessories to your newly built deck railing.

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