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Aluminum Garden Fence Panels


Aluminum Garden Fence Near Me

Give your garden a modern look by choosing North West Aluminum as your supplier for aluminum garden fence panels. Organize your garden with some resistant aluminum panels. They will keep your pets away from destroying the landscape you passionately created for your residence.

The aluminum garden fence panels are very easy to install. They will define the borderline between the “free to ride” areas and those where you would like to keep limited access. We know how hard you work to keep your garden always clean. Therefore, we have created these durable aluminum fence panels that will keep any unwanted guests away.

Modern Ideas for Garden and Fencing in Toronto

When it comes to a garden fence the materials are not the only ones that matter. What is also important is the design of commercial or residential garden fences. Therefore, North West Aluminum manages to combine durability with versatile concepts that change completely the look of your garden. We want your garden to inspire you and offer you the relaxation you always wanted. That is why you can find a lot of fence ideas for garden with us.

High-quality Aluminum Fence Panels

From our point of view, quality is very important. This is why we guarantee our aluminum quality. It does not matter if you live in the southern or northern part of the country. North West Aluminum, as the best builders and installers in Toronto, will make your dream possible and deliver durable fence garden panels directly to your home. Our fences resist under any weather conditions. Do you live in a sunny region? Or in a colder one? North West Aluminum has nothing to worry about. Our fences will resist 20+ years and we will be proud to be your grandson’s providers as well.

Beautiful Appearance

On the other hand, the look is the one that sells. Even though you want to fence your private garden, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be stylish. We have thought of all these aspects and we adapted to the market trends. We can offer various profiles for our short fences for gardens and so far, we can say that we managed to satisfy even the pickiest tastes.

Our exquisite designs available at various stores add elegance and functionality to your outdoor space or garden on the patio. In the quest for innovative garden designs that complement your landscape, consider the following ideas for aluminum fencing:

  1. Modern minimalist panels with sleek lines and a matte finish.
  2. Ornate designs featuring intricate patterns or motifs for a touch of elegance.
  3. Vertical slat fencing offers a contemporary and streamlined appearance.
  4. Industrial-inspired fencing with a raw, metallic look for an edgy appeal.
  5. Curved or wave-like designs for a dynamic and visually engaging fence.
  6. Nature-inspired patterns mimicking leaves, branches, or floral motifs.
  7. Geometric patterns or grid-like structures for a modern and geometrically pleasing layout.

Each of these designs can enhance the appeal of your garden while offering functionality and style in tandem.

Color Range for Chain Link Fence with Gate

In addition, if we are talking about colors, we like to play big. We like to surprise our clients, and this is why we are among the fewest aluminum providers who can offer not-so-common colors. What is more, we offer powder-coated painting. For those who do not know what this means, the powder-coated painting is very resistant. Your aluminum garden fence panels color will not peel or keep its shine for a very long time.

Here are pickup ideas with basic colors for fence installation from the best garden fencing contractor in Toronto:

  • The black small fence for garden will perfectly complement a modern garden with a minimalist design. This contrast will create an elegant and modern look.
  • The white decorative garden fencing can perfectly match a rustic garden filled with flowers and natural elements. It will add lightness and tenderness to the overall look.
  • Silver aluminum fencing can accentuate a structured and formal garden. If you have neat flowerbeds and well-maintained lawns, even cheap garden fences will add a touch of sophistication to your garden.

However, keep in mind that we can create unique designs for you. We appreciate the diverse preferences of our customers. So if you want a brightly colored fence, we can do it for you!

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Color Palette

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Commercial Brown (CB)

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Clay (C)

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Which to Choose: Wrought Iron or Garden Aluminum Fences?

A garden is definitely an area of high humidity. Most flowers and plants require regular watering, which will also affect the longevity of garden border fencing. In this case, wrought iron fencing installation is not a good idea. Iron is prone to rusting, which will also be aggravated by high humidity.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is a great solution. Aluminum garden fences for sale do not rust or deteriorate when in contact with water. In addition, they will not need to be painted regularly to protect them from corrosion, as is the case with iron. The main advantage is the aluminum garden fences cost. Our products will cost you less compared to other materials.

Summing up

North West Aluminum will be more than happy to hear your ideas and assist you in fencing your garden. You need quality, resistance, and versatility and we are here to help you achieve them. We have the most modern and elegant designs for aluminum fencing for your garden in Toronto. We also offer professional installation services to save you time. With us, you will get quality installed, attractive, UV-resistant, and maintenance-free fencing for your garden!

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