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Aluminum Railing Types

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Exterior and Interior Commercial Railings


Aluminum commercial stair railings easily fit into austere classical interiors, the design of commercial and business premises, as well as modern and ultra-trendy buildings. Thanks to their high-performance characteristics, they have replaced bulky, heavy steel railings that required special maintenance. Aluminum railings are widely used not only in the private sector. They are also actively used in entertainment and retail establishments, administrative buildings, medical institutions, and business centers.

Where Can Aluminum Railings Be Used?

Aluminum railings are very common in the commercial field. They play an important role in both the interior and exterior of buildings. Modern commercial railings ensure the attractive appearance of the building and the safety of all its visitors. Their unique characteristics make them an ideal choice for a wide range of commercial applications, from shopping centers to office buildings and more.

Shopping Malls

In shopping malls, aluminum railings are often used as guardrails on the stairs and platforms of the second and third floors. Their main purpose is to ensure the safety of visitors and create a modern, elegant look for the interior. Their low weight and strength allow them to be easily integrated into architectural structures, keeping the space open and transparent.

We, the commercial railing company near me, are happy to assist you in installing railings for such purposes. Such a solution will ensure the safety of all visitors to the shopping center. In addition, we can produce unique custom designs that will meet all commercial railing requirements.

Office Buildings

In office buildings, aluminum railings can be used to enclose balconies and terraces. They give workplaces a more modern and stylish look. Thanks to their configuration, the railing can be adapted to any interior design, including minimalist, modern, or classic. We can also create custom railings to complement the overall architectural look of your building.

This solution will allow visitors and office workers to enjoy a beautiful view of the city without the risk of falling or injury. In addition, the exquisite railing will significantly enhance the interior of your building in Toronto. A comfortable environment will keep workers happy and attract potential customers.


At the same time, in hotel complexes, aluminum railings are widely used to create elegant barriers on room balconies or public terraces. Their corrosion resistance gives durability and stability to the structure, which is important for maintaining the safety and attractiveness of hotel interiors. This solution is also very popular due to its reasonable price. Aluminum railings for hotel fencing are much cheaper than steel ones, and much more durable than wooden ones.

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How to Choose Commercial Railings Systems?

Choosing the right commercial handrails for outdoor steps can be doubly hard when safety should not be compromised because of the fence’s aesthetic value. Considering that there are many materials and designs of commercial railing systems in Toronto, choosing the best one to meet your commercial demands often becomes one of the most significant considerations.

Commercial railings exterior in many different materials including wrought iron, brass, stainless steel, aluminum steel, and various other metals. The first consideration you have to determine is what the fencing is supposed to accomplish.

Such given factors to include for your decision include questions about whether to provide safety for a commercial or industrial building or security for private property. As always, you need to install outdoor commercial railings that can stand up to constant environmental changes and withstand everyday wear and tear.

Commercial Railing Designs for Outdoor Decor

A grand commercial staircase for your business can be a stunning focal point adding value to your whole enterprise. Hotels with gorgeously decorated banisters create an eye-catching element that captivates every visitor. Beautiful commercial railings for stairs also add to the elegance and functionality of your space defined by its various aspects.

Commercial handrail systems can be deliberately transformed from a pure safety element into a stylish and modern-looking staircase detail. Handrails and guardrails are more than just structural components, they can be designed to blend in with the overall architectural blueprint of the entire complex.

Wooden commercial hand railings provide a traditional and subtle elegance while metal handrails give off a minimalistic and modern-chic look. Clear glass can be stylistic and beautiful, and a combination or contrast of any of the elements can give a charming and unique aura to your environment space.

Design Options of Commercial Aluminum Balusters and Railings

  1. Aluminum Glass Railings. Using the glass on the commercial hand railing near me portrays the delicacy of the architecture. Aluminum glass handrails work best on an indoor installation, but they can be installed on balconies and decks too.
  2. Aluminum Picket Railings. Picket railings are perfect, easy to assemble, and come with a top-rounded rail, these commercial aluminum railing systems are graspable and run along the stairway beautifully.
  3. Aluminum Ornamental Railings. The beauty of aluminum is portrayed in decorative commercial hand railings, and elegant carvings with different designs running along the rails, creating sophisticated, sleek ornament handrails.
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Why Are Aluminum Commercial Hand Railings the Best?

There are many significant benefits of choosing an aluminum handrail for your staircase. Among the advantages of aluminum are its low-maintenance nature, its strength and beauty, and its affordability. Aluminum also has ideal properties that make its application vast. It does not rust, is durable, and its lightweight properties are among the fantastic features that make it suitable for your aluminum handrails.

The powder coating applied at high temperatures during the manufacture of commercial aluminum rails makes it superior to other railing materials. The smooth surface does not hold dirt or dust and can be easily cleaned at least once a year.

Aluminum is also one of the safest railing materials because it does not rot and will not rust or decay. Depending on the width of an aluminum railing material it can be bent to achieve the desired shape. It’s lightweight, making it easier and cheaper to transport in bulk.

Aluminum is recyclable and is among the most recycled materials in the world. It is resistant to harsh weather conditions and still looks new after years of installation and use.

Benefits of Commercial Aluminum Railings

We have also highlighted the main benefits of commercial porch or stair railings:

  • Durability: Aluminum railings are characterized by resistance to mechanical damage, so the structure will long be able to retain its original appearance. They are not afraid of moisture and do not burn out under the influence of sunlight. This is a durable and practical solution for commercial purposes. Aluminum railings are also resistant to the formation of corrosion, which extends the life of the railing.
  • Low weight: Aluminum is a lightweight material. Constructions made of such metal have a small weight. This simplifies the transportation of this type of railing. Installation of aluminum structures also does not require much time and effort, due to their low weight.
  • Plasticity of the material: Aluminum is a plastic material, which allows us as manufacturers to produce designs of various shapes and make your ideas a reality. Everyone will be able to choose a variant that will look appropriate in the interior and combine it with other decorative elements and furniture items.
    Low cost: If you need to choose not only a practical and attractive option but also to save the budget, the railing made of aluminum will be the best solution. Aluminum constructions are relatively inexpensive. Such railings will decorate the interior but will cost much less than similar products, for example, made of wood.

How to Install Commercial Railing Systems?

The installation of railings typically involves securing brackets to the walls using lag screws. These brackets provide essential support for the railing structure. After fixing the brackets, the pipes are then attached, serving as the main body of the railing.

To ensure stability, caps are placed on the ends of the pipes, preventing any sharp edges and enhancing the overall appearance. The careful positioning and fastening of these components contribute to the secure and visually appealing installation of the railings, providing both safety and aesthetic value to the space.

However, for commercial businesses, we offer a professional installation service. Our experts will help you save a lot of time, and install fencing in your business quickly and efficiently. Remember, it is important to contact professionals for installation. Improper installation can cause the entire structure to fail quickly, or even get you in trouble with the law due to injuries to visitors.

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