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When you have a sizable property and you need to enhance security around its perimeter, there is nothing better than an aluminum railing gate. Even if you desire a gate erected on your walkway or driveway, then an aluminum gate is now a trend among all house owners because of several advantages of aluminum.

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What are Aluminum Gates for Sale?


The durability of aluminum is now well known in the case of aluminum railing gates so whether you are considering it for your yard, business property, or your house, it pays to invest in fully aluminum gate slats especially when you have purchased it from the right place. As a gate manufacturer dealing in the production and sale of aluminum products, Northwest Aluminum is an industry leader in grade A quality aluminum gates. We provide a range of aluminum gates in different colors at affordable prices and exceptional quality.

What are the Benefits of Aluminium Gates and Fences?

So you’ve decided to transform your lot by installing a new gate, but you can’t decide on the best material? Aluminum gates with wood slats have many advantages, and now we’ll take a look at them.

Durability, Strength, and Resistance

The biggest feature of aluminum is its durable nature to be a lightweight versatile metal with all the power of iron or wood that can be used as a security feature for any location. Therefore, aluminum gates with wood fences can complement any area near a residential home or even a commercial building.

Aluminum is a long-lasting metal because it withstands weather damage, does not give in to corrosion, and is rust-free. Aluminum is sturdy and when choosing strong cast aluminum for your security concerns, there is nothing better. Such fence panels will withstand any harsh weather conditions and add elegance.

Lots of Aluminum Gate Ideas

Pedestrian aluminum gates are increasing in popularity because of the many options in terms of style and color. The flexibility of aluminum allows it to be molded into vintage, colonial, and contemporary styles to suit the aesthetic look of your house. Custom aluminum gates use a special powder coating to ensure its durable qualities but it is this coating that enables a variety of colors too. You can choose back ornamental designs or a modern contemporary look that will truly beautify your home.
The appearance of aluminum is as classy and sophisticated as wrought iron fences and railings. Thus without hesitation, it’s safe to say that only an aluminum railing gate from Northwest Aluminum could be the very item you’ve been searching for a long time.

Easy Maintenance

This is the best part of the vertical slat aluminum gate for shops that can be installed on your property. Because it does not rust or decay like wood, you won’t have to spend on maintenance such as damages and repainting. Every flat-top aluminum gate and window from Northwest Aluminum comes with a protective enamel coating that is weather-resistant and prevents chipping or cracking.

Cost: Aluminum vs. Steel Gate

When you are dealing with NW Aluminum, you should never worry about cost factors as we help every client derive the best quality product at the cheapest price. Aluminum as you know is much cheaper than wrought iron and steel but an aluminum railing gate can mimic the look of an ornate wrought iron gate whose style will be well within your budget when it is made from aluminum.

That’s why you’ll be happy with the gate cost. In our aluminum gate shop near me, you can find a gate to suit every budget.

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Is Aluminum Good for a Gate?


An aluminum gate with frame has enough advantages, but there are also disadvantages. If cheap alloys are used for gate and fence structures, they will soon deform. In the presence of chlorine in the air, even the best quality products made of aluminum fence posts are subject to corrosion. In this case, it is necessary to take care of their protection with resistant powder colors.

Is Aluminum Good for a Gate?

In the end, the only obvious disadvantage is that aluminum poorly withstands substances with chlorine. Otherwise, almost any aluminum gate with glass will exceed your expectations compared to other materials.
Aluminum gate prices are significantly lower than forged and steel gate prices. In addition, aluminum gates for homes will not rot like wooden gates. This is why aluminum gate manufacturers near me are proud of their products, as they are durable, long-lasting, and inexpensive.

Popular Designs of Aluminum Slat Gate Kits

Aluminum gate doors are a popular solution for modern homes and businesses. They are available in different color variations such as black, brown, and white, allowing you to choose the best match with the overall style of the building:

  • A black aluminum gate near me usually gives an understated and modern look. This design is often used for minimalist and modern interiors, creating an impression of elegance and austerity. Black is always a classic, a win-win option for any occasion.
  • Brown aluminum gates give a warm and muted look. These aluminum gate posts fit perfectly into natural surroundings and complement wooden landscape elements. This is a great solution for lovers of nature and natural tones.
  • White aluminum gates create a bright and light appearance. They are often used for styles such as classic or colonial, adding charm and grandeur. Accentuate the luxuriousness of your home with the color white.

As for ornaments, cheap aluminum gates can be decorated with various patterns, shapes, and geometric elements. This helps to add uniqueness and individuality to the gate design.

There are also several types of ornamental aluminum gates including swing gates, sliding gates, and sliding gates. Each has its advantages and can be chosen depending on your needs for functionality and aesthetics.


How to Choose the Best Aluminum Gate Kit?

It is very important to choose the right aluminum fence gate that will enhance the beauty of your home and grounds. Pay attention to these tips:

  • Style: Choose aluminum fences that match the look of your home. A modern gate with a geometric minimalist design will go well with contemporary penthouses. And classic aluminum picket fences with ornaments look great around traditional homes.
  • Color: If your home is in neutral tones, light aluminum fencing or a bright gate with an accent color will go well with it. An aluminum fence can also be covered with a film imitating wood or other natural material. This will look great near wooden houses.
  • Additional lighting: You can add small lights or LED strips to illuminate your aluminum fence. This will give it even more attention and a sophisticated design.
  • Plants and decorations: Take care of the environment around your future aluminum fence. It may be worth planting beautiful flowers and subtle borders around the aluminum fence.

Combining an aluminum fence with the design of your home and site is an art that requires attention to detail and a harmonious approach. Properly designed low maintenance aluminum fencing can be not only a safety feature, but also a visual accent that gives your property a unique and attractive look.

How Do You Install Aluminum Gates?

First of all, let’s look at the cases when it is recommended to entrust the installation to aluminum gate manufacturers. Professional aluminum gate installation is necessary for:

  1. Large and heavy aluminum gates residential. In addition to the complexity of such work, there is a high risk of injury. To ensure that the process is carried out safely, please contact our aluminum gate installers;
  2. Aluminum electric gate. Installation of automation equipment is a task that requires professional skills. Our aluminum gate company can help you with this.

The design of standard dimensions and relatively lightweight can be installed by yourself. The main thing is to have a set of tools at hand. When installing aluminum gates and windows, it is important to ensure that their appearance matches the style of the property. Whether it’s a respectable cottage, a cozy country house, or a company’s premises, we can help you choose a modern aluminum gate panel.


Installing new aluminum deck gates is a great solution for transforming a lot near your home. Choose modern fence panels and deck gates according to our advice and it will be a successful experience! Also don’t forget to consider additional elements such as glass railings if you want to create a unique design for residential or commercial properties. We offer different styles of aluminum gates. We have products to fit every budget and every need. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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