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Aluminum Gate Types

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Aluminum Garden Gates


When it concerns a residential area, you need to take into account various restrictions such as lightweight driveway gates, road and street appearance, and the area and architecture of your property. You could opt for picket fence type gate, slat fencing gates for modern architectural styles, or gothic for older colonial-style homes.

We offer several styles of ornamental aluminum garden gates, as well as professional installation and manufacturing. Discussing such matters with professional aluminum garden gates contractors from Northwest Aluminum will help you select a suitable gate in Toronto.

What is the Best Material for Garden Gates?

We all know that the first impression of a house is formed when you look at the front garden gate. If the building of a garden gate was a long time ago, and it stands unattended and rusting, then the opinion of the owner is not very positive. Fortunately, today there is a wide range of garden gates for sale, so it is not difficult to find the best one.

Beautiful garden gates can be made from a variety of materials, each with its unique characteristics and benefits. Some of the most popular materials for garden gates include wood, metal, iron, steel, plastic, and aluminum.

Are Aluminium Gates Better than Wood?

Wooden gates attract attention with their natural beauty and warm appearance. Cheap garden gates can be made from different types of wood, allowing you to choose the right style for any garden.

However, wooden gates require regular care and maintenance as they are prone to rotting, weathering, and fading. Wood is notoriously bad at withstanding high humidity and has no resistance to fire.

Why Choose Aluminum Yard Gates?

Decorative aluminum garden gates home, on the other hand, have become popular due to their strength, durability, and ease of maintenance. Aluminum is not prone to corrosion, and it is easy to paint, allowing you to create gates in a variety of colors and styles. In addition, aluminum garden gates courtyard are lighter than wooden gates, making them easier to install. They can also be equipped with an automatic opening system, making them convenient to use.

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Benefits of Aluminum Garden Gates Wooden

Here are the main advantages of aluminum garden gates near me in Toronto:

  1. High anti-corrosion protection. Excessive humidity, snowfall, and ultraviolet radiation trigger the process of metal destruction, which subsequently leads to fence failure. Aluminum does not corrode, which increases the service life of the gate for decades.
  2. Easy repair of mechanically damaged blades. Thanks to the prefabricated design, you can repair the damage and replace the aluminum garden gates wood leaf right on site, which will significantly reduce the cost of repairs. And most importantly, the opening will not be left unprotected for a long time.
  3. Convenient economical transportation. The compact design of the disassembled aluminum gate allows you to transport the kit without the need for specialized vehicles.
  4. Unsurpassed aluminum garden gate designs. There are no visible fasteners in aluminum gates, so the structures look neat and well-maintained. In addition, conventional welded gates lose their appearance at the first signs of corrosion, while aluminum profile gates will look like new gates even after 5 years.
  5. Reliability and safety. Exceptionally verified geometry and reliability of the structure do not allow distortions and sagging of the sashes. And the hidden fasteners, in turn, enhance protection against burglary.
  6. Durability. They do not require frequent maintenance and periodic repainting, while welded gates, even with perfect initial painting, need to be repainted every 2-3 years. This advantage will significantly save your time and budget.
  7. Environmental friendliness. Aluminum used in gate structures is an environmentally friendly material, does not contain heavy metal impurities, and does not emit harmful substances under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Color Gamma of Aluminum Garden Gates Backyard


Every aluminum gate from Northwest Aluminum is coated with a special powder to keep it weather-resistant and rust-free, these are available in various colors and your choice should blend well with your property. It should be the first thing any visitor will notice. The color of your gate should also reflect your personality and appeal. The powder coating applied to gates will add the highest degree of durability making your gate almost maintenance-free.

Black aluminum garden gates are also very popular, they fit well with modern homes. In turn, white aluminum garden gates represent luxury and elegance.

Selecting Outdoor Garden Gate Access

Gate access is another important factor of aluminum backyard gates you get to choose from:

  • Manual access: Where the gate needs to be opened and closed by hand
  • Remote access: You can control the opening and closing of your gate which can open outward towards the street.
  • Electronic card/key access: Although sophisticated forms of access, you will have to share codes or walk up to your gate for key access. Electric garden gates are a very popular and modern solution.
  • Intercom access: Widely regarded as the safest and most secure form of entry and exit where your gate is controlled by intercom and security camera.

Varieties of Powering for Secure Garden Gate

When choosing any form of access other than manual access, powering your aluminum deck gates can be run by the same power source you power your home. But, that means cables stretching from your home to your driveway. NW Aluminum offers you a unique opportunity for solar-powered aluminum gates or even driveway gates where solar power is both eco-friendly and affordable.

Aluminum garden gates cheap are an interesting and unique addition that increases the value of your property. Northwest Aluminum can help you with the best product for your home that will never incur further costs of maintenance or repainting because aluminum is a versatile material that needs just a wipe down and no repainting.

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