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Peak Aluminum Railing Installation

When arranging the interior of any type of interior, many types of stair railings are available. Residential aluminum railings are not just a functional element, but also an aesthetically attractive part, the design of which should be consistent with the overall style. High-quality railings are not only fences that ensure the safety of movement on the stairs. They are the main decorative element if the interior is relatively empty. But also very important is the process of installing aluminum railing, as the durability of the structure and its safety depend on it.

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Where to Buy Aluminum Railings Near Me?


Toronto is a bustling city and it is a great place to invest in a property. That is why it is important to choose a great material for your property, including your safety railings. Railings are important in a property not only to provide aesthetic value to the property but also to assure privacy and safety among the property dwellers.

NW Aluminum offers the best aluminum railings in Toronto, as well as in GTA and nearby areas. We provide railing and fencing installation services, and we both work on residential and commercial projects. We also offer more than 200 designs you can choose from, aside from accepting customized orders that suit your personal preference.

Who Installs Aluminum Railings Near Me?

Our construction projects are handled by our highly-skilled personnel, using the latest equipment and tools to ensure quality output, every single time. We also ensure client satisfaction, from the start of the project until the last stages of construction. In other words, NW Aluminum is the one to call for your railing and fencing needs!

Our aluminum railing installers are experienced in fence installation. They use the best equipment and install with all local building codes. So if you are looking for aluminum railing installers near me, feel free to contact us and you will get great results.

Why Choose Aluminum Railing in Toronto?

Aluminum stair and porch railings have become popular nowadays, and many clients including contractors and even residents swear by them. Here are the reasons why you should choose aluminum railing systems in Toronto:

Aluminum is a superior material to its counterparts. For one, aluminum is lighter than steel and does not rot easily unlike the latter. On the other hand, aluminum also does not easily crack unlike PVC and vinyl, splinters unlike wood, and rot unlike steel and iron. In other words, aluminum is more resistant to wear and tear than its other railing material counterparts.

Aluminum is easier to install. Unlike other railing materials, aluminum is easier to install. Many aluminum glass railing companies in Toronto (NW Aluminum included) came up with railing systems that are meant for easy assembly even by first-timers. If you are a DIY junkie, then assembling an aluminum railing may be a breeze for you!

Aluminum is affordable. Aluminum railings are more affordable than wrought iron or steel, plus it is more durable than the two. On the other hand, aluminum may be more expensive than wood or PVC but think about the long-term benefits an aluminum railing can provide. Basically, aluminum railings are worth the investment because they can last a lifetime.

The above-mentioned advantages of white aluminum railings may be of help for you to decide which material to use. Furthermore, there are many aluminum railing suppliers in Toronto; but in terms of quality and service, only one name should be in mind.

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What is Better: Vinyl or Aluminum Glass Railings?

Vinyl is one of the most affordable, and it can come in a variety of colors to match the exterior of your home. It is maintenance-free and only requires periodic cleaning to remove debris or dirt, so it will cost you very little over its lifetime.

The downside of vinyl, along with the limitations associated with its overall durability, is its longevity. While vinyl coloring technology has improved over time, it is still prone to fading, especially when placed outdoors. Additionally, vinyl is not ideal for extremely hot or cold climates where it can warp or crack, requiring replacement.

Aluminum is a great alternative to vinyl. It is better suited for residential homes because its lighter weight makes it easier to move and install than steel and vinyl. In addition, classic aluminum railings tend to be less expensive while still impressing you with their strength and durability.

How Much is Aluminum Railing Per Foot?

Prices for aluminum railings in Toronto can vary. The final cost will depend on the quality of materials, complexity of construction, scope of work, and complexity of design. We can help you find a railing to fit any budget. You can find railings ranging from $35 to $110 per foot in our selection. Contact us for a free estimate to find out the affordable prices of manufacturing and installing the perfect railing for you.

How Long Do Aluminum Railings Last?

Aluminum is a durable and strong material, making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Thanks to the powder coating and the intrinsic properties of aluminum, these railings are also corrosion-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Aluminum railings for the stair or deck can last for decades without losing their performance characteristics. Therefore, this choice is optimal compared to other materials. Unlike iron, aluminum railings are not afraid of high humidity and do not need regular painting. In addition, they are easy to care for. Based on these properties, aluminum railings can be safely called a durable, profitable, and attractive choice.

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Classic Aluminum Railing System Installation

Before installing the railing, it is necessary to study what elements make up the structure:

  1. Handrails: Support for people – raised, lowered;
  2. Strips and columns (metal): Needed in the process of connecting the supports with the handrails;
  3. Brackets: Needed in the attachment to the walls of the building;
  4. Sub-baluster strips: Installation is carried out on the bowstring. Elements are used to attach the supports from below;
  5. Posts and balusters: Fasteners that are load-bearing elements of the railing. They can be decorated by the designer for a better perception;
  6. Filling: Installation is performed between the posts, blocking the space between the support structures. Their presence guarantees the safety of walking on stairs.

With proper operation, the absence of overloads, vertical and horizontal aluminum railings will not need to be changed for many years. It is allowed to install railings on the stairs, on the steps, as well as on balconies and other objects where it is necessary to ensure the safety of people from falling from the upper floor.

How to Install Aluminum Railing on Steps?

Installing aluminum railing on steps is a process that can be done with some technical expertise. First, make sure the steps are strong enough to hold the railing. Use the holes in the steps to install the railing brackets. Then attach the railing to the brackets, making sure that they are properly aligned and securely fastened. Check the stability and strength of the installation before completing the process.

How to Install Aluminum Railing on Stairs?

It is important to take the staircase’s placement into account when deciding how to attach metal pieces. It will be most practical to mount the railing and handrails on them if it is constrained by walls on either one or both sides. Remember that adhering to the regulations is crucial. If not, the structure will be unstable and short-lived.

If you take specific actions, installation of an aluminum stair railing may be a straightforward task. Measure and mark the mounting site first. Make sure the railing brackets are firmly fastened to the steps by attaching them with drills and screws. To make sure they are safe and secure, attach the railing to the brackets, verify their alignment, and fasten them there.

How to Install Aluminum Railing on Concrete?

Installing aluminum railing on concrete is a very complex and time-consuming process, during which it is necessary to use special tools and know the installation technology. If you do not have sufficient experience and knowledge, we recommend not to try to fix the railing yourself.

If you decide to proceed with the process, follow the installation instructions. Utilize specialized fasteners and techniques to prepare the surface of concrete and ensure a solid and secure connection. Drill holes into the concrete with carbide-tipped drills, and then fasten the railing brackets to them. After that, secure and line the new railing to the brackets by fastening it tightly.

This is Why NW Aluminum is Here for You!

NW Aluminum is a great supplier of aluminum railings in Toronto and GTA that not only provides quality products but also complies with the local building standards. Railings are one of the most important components of a property because they provide safety and stability in a home.

Call us up at 647-952-5023 or email us at [email protected] for professional installation service, cost estimation and other queries!

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