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Exterior Glass Railings in Toronto


When your heart is set on viewing stunning scenes the combination of aluminum and glass deck railings. This is a remarkable modern look that most clients are installing. North West Aluminum is a top supplier of aluminum and exterior glass railings in Toronto.

Design of Outdoor Glass Railing Design

NW Aluminum designs are architectural marvels because of their clean non-weld appearance. They are durable and come in various finishes and colors. Our powder coating also provides for little maintenance and gives the exterior railing system the stamina to withstand different weather conditions.

This material is used when it is necessary to give the object airiness and lightness. Glass hides the boundaries, which helps to create a cozy space. The main material is laminated or tempered glass.

The outdoor glass railing design looks modern and does not overload the space. Since you can find outdoor glass railings ideas from us, the application of such designs is versatile. Now we have available glass fence panels for such purposes:

Outdoor Glass Railings for Decks

A deck is a great place to relax with children in an outdoor living space. But safety and the division of the area into zones are also important. That’s why outdoor glass railings for patios and decks are a great solution. With our large assortment of exterior glass panels for decks, you’re sure to find the perfect design to fit your exterior.

For the production of exterior glass panels for patios use triplex or tempered glass, radically different in its operational properties from the classic types of glass cloths. Such materials are very difficult to damage, but even if the glass breaks, it does not form sharp cutting shards. It is very difficult to break outdoor glass railings for sale if the rules of use are followed.

Outdoor Glass Railings for Porch

If a person is met by his clothes, then the business card of any private house can be called his porch. And from what impression it will make on the guests, largely depends on the complex impression of the whole house. Recently, for their porches, many private homeowners have chosen as modern solutions as possible, one of which is, of course, glass fences.

Glass fences for porches are available in a wide variety of options and can be customized so that the best solution can be chosen for each home individually. For example, in some cases, glass panel outdoor railing on concealed clamping profiles that seem to “grow” out of the floor may be a good choice, while in other cases fences on elegant metal posts emphasize the elegance of the porch.

Outdoor Glass Railings for Stairs

Every staircase should have guardrails not only for decorative functions but also for the safety of everyone in the home. If you have an outdoor staircase that leads to the house or deck, it should be supplemented with an outdoor glass handrail.

Anyone, especially children, is at risk of falling downstairs. Therefore, outdoor glass railings for steps will make your outdoor space safe and attractive. It will complement the overall look of the house and make the exterior look even better.

Outdoor Glass Railings for Balcony

Outdoor glass railings near me for balconies are a structure that ensures the safety of people on high platforms.

Such glass stair railing outdoors are installed to prevent falls from heights, increase the aesthetic characteristics of balconies and terraces, and strengthen them. Choosing a balcony fence be sure to consider options from glass – thanks to the use of modern materials they have maximum strength and reliability.

Best outdoor glass railings are as hygienic as possible. They do not absorb dirt or fungus, and bacteria do not develop on them. It is easy to care for such glass panel railing and it retains its attractive appearance for a long time. The surface can be cleaned with ordinary water or glass cleaning products.

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Areas We Serve

Aluminum railings, stairs, and fences of the highest quality for homes, buildings, and public areas.

We’re ready to serve you near any of the following locations:






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Exterior Glass Stair Railing

Exterior Glass Stair Railing Installation

Our team will be happy to install a glass railing outside as well. It is important to entrust this task to professionals because the longevity of the stair railings, their safety, and functionality depend on the correct installation. Never let people who do not have the proper experience in this matter or do not provide appropriate guarantees work with the railing.

What are the Outdoor Glass Railing System Installation Methods?

We have some suggestions that you can use on your property with a glass railing system. They convey style and class. We can do more with glass railing systems but you can use the following:

  1. Post to post configuration
  2. Over-the-top configuration
  3. Traditional configuration
  4. Double top configuration

Do I need Additional Parts for Glass Deck Railings?

We provide custom angle posts, side mount brackets, aluminum posts, concealed fasteners, base plates, top rails, mounting brackets, and glass panels. North West Aluminum is your one-stop shop for aluminum and glass railings in Toronto.

In addition, our technicians have extensive experience with glass panels and professional installation equipment. Each glass panel near your home will be manufactured and installed according to building codes.

Custom Design of Glass Privacy Panels

You don’t have to sacrifice the strength of the glass deck railing for an attractive finish. In this instance, you can have your cake and eat it. If you aren’t convinced about these designs the design experts at NW Aluminum will come up with alternatives that cater to your tastes.

So in our assortment, you can find Tempered Glass Outdoor Railing for any purpose. We have products available in different sizes, shapes, and glass thicknesses. Our main priority is satisfied customers. Therefore, we are happy to answer all your questions, help you choose the best stand-alone system with glass panels in Toronto, and install it for you!

For more details about our aluminum and glass railing system please give us a call at 647-952-5023.

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