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Aluminum Stair Railings: What You Should Know?

Every staircase inside and outside a building must be enclosed. One of the most modern, practical, and suitable solutions is to install an aluminum railing for stairs in Toronto. Such a railing is an excellent option for both front porches and interior applications. We also produce aluminum deck railing, but in this article, we will talk about railing for interior applications. Any staircase in the house should be safe, let’s understand if you should choose aluminum stair railings indoor and how to do it right.

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About Aluminum Stair Railing


Stair Handrails Material Options in Toronto

Whether you choose to have it built outdoors or indoors, stair railings provide us with the same purpose. They are here to mainly assist and bring security for people who use the stairs. To choose the right material you need to pay attention to its properties, appearance, and cost. Now we will consider the main materials of railings for stairs, decks, and porches.

What Materials Should You Choose for Your Stair Railings?

  1. Wood Railings – Wood has become a popular choice for its classic and rustic look. It can be customized, carved, and then polished. This can also be painted using different colors. The only downside is that wood is susceptible to UV rays, heat, snow, rain, and even pests. If the material is not protected and sealed against these conditions, then it can quickly deteriorate.
  2. Stainless Steel Railings – A lot of people prefer stainless steel not only for its clean and polished look but also for its durability. This material is resistant to weather conditions, however, some may still require some weatherproofing to maintain its polished quality. However, the high cost is a significant disadvantage.
  3. Aluminum Stairs – Aluminum stair railings near me are a great option for both classic and modern interiors. They do not need to be cared for with difficulty, nor do they need to be regularly painted like iron ones. In addition, aluminum stair railings cost significantly less than the aforementioned materials.
  4. Wrought Iron Railings – These are usually finished in black, making them perfect for those who want a black stair railing. When maintained properly, wrought iron can last for a lot of years. This material has very great durability and superior strength. But unlike aluminum stairways, wrought iron can corrode over time if it is located outdoors.
  5. Stone/Marble Railings – Stone and marble railings are very elegant looking. The only problem is that they are very fragile and heavy. This makes them susceptible to breaking and cracking which is hard to fix. You would need the help of a professional to do this.

Why are Aluminum Stair Railings and Posts the Best Solution?

Let us understand why you should choose residential aluminum stair railings for home installation and interior decoration:

  • Attractive Appearance: The best aluminum railing for stairs will not rust, but can be painted for decorative purposes in any shade. White aluminum railing for light-colored houses or black aluminum railing for gothic houses are very popular nowadays;
  • Quick Installation: Our experts can install it in as little as 1 day;
  • Durable Hand Railing for Stairs: The service life is unlimited, it is guaranteed for more than several decades;
  • Easy Care: No special maintenance, no painting is required, to keep the railings attractive they only need to be wiped down with a damp cloth from time to time.
  • Aluminum Railing for Stairs Price: This is one of the most significant advantages. With us, you can find aluminum railing for stairs cost for any budget.

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How to Choose an Aluminum Stair Railings Interior?

When considering how to choose aluminum stair railings for your interior, homeowners should prioritize several key elements. Firstly, determining the style preference – whether it’s sleek glass railings or the classic look of aluminum pickets – is essential. Glass panels or aluminum pickets within the rails can significantly influence the overall aesthetic.

Additionally, assessing the hardware options such as hinges, brackets, and screws is crucial for ensuring a sturdy installation. Homeowners should measure the area accurately to pick the appropriate post kit and complete the installation successfully.

Customers seeking aluminum stair railings for their interior should consider the ease of installation and durability. Opting for railings with sturdy hardware and reliable brackets can guarantee a secure fit.

Glass railings, with their modern appeal, might require precise measurements and careful handling during installation, whereas pickets could offer more straightforward installation processes. Careful consideration of these elements will aid customers in selecting the right aluminum stair railings that meet both their aesthetic preferences and installation requirements.

Aluminum Stair Railing

Staircase Terminology

You can contact us for the selection and installation of classic aluminum railing. We will be happy to find the right railing for you in terms of size, cost, and other requirements. However, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic terms for aluminum balusters and rails to make it easier to choose the perfect railing:

  1. Fabrication/Pre-fabrication – Fabricating a stair railing involves constructing it in a customized manner, while pre-fabrication entails installing pre-manufactured stair railing kits. These kits are designed to minimize labor costs and often include uniquely designed attachments that can adapt to various degrees of the stair’s rise.
  2. Rise and Run – Rise refers to the total vertical height of the stairs, whereas run represents its horizontal length. The relationship between rise and run determines the length of the staircase for which the stair railing will be built.
  3. Riser and Tread – The riser denotes the vertical distance between stair steps, and the tread signifies the horizontal width of the step. These dimensions are established as standards by organizations like OSHA or IBC and are subject to regulation by local city governments to ensure safety and consistency in stair construction.

Stair Railings Safety Requirements

Stair Railing Parts Safety Requirements
Guardrail ●        If located indoors, guardrails need a height of at least 3 feet

●        Must be able to resist pressure and load of 113 lb. or 0.5 kilonewtons

Handrail ●        Can be grasped easily and firmly

●        Should be between 34 to 38 inches in height

●        If used for exit stairs or ramps, should be at least 42 inches in height.

Balusters ●        The gap between balusters must not go way over 4 inches


Any staircase should be safe, attractive, and practical. An aluminum hand railing for stairs can provide all this. We have many options for decorative handrails in a variety of colors and design shapes that will also withstand heavy loads and ensure the safety of all family members. Contact us for a free consultation, selection, delivery, and professional installation. Make your home in Toronto even more beautiful, cozy, and modern with us!

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