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Fence Your Pool For Extra Protection


Aluminum Fence for Pool in Toronto

Owning a house with a nice backyard is great. But owning a house with a nice backyard and a pool means heaven on earth. What can be better than having your own space to spoil yourself and relax during sizzling summer days? And if you also have kids, could there be something more exciting for them than playing around the pool during the summer holiday?

However, even though having a pool seems to be a lot of fun, there are also some security measures that you need to take into consideration. Especially when you have small kids who would love to spend all day playing in the water, you should take extra security measures. Unfortunately, accidents can happen. So, it is better to prevent all these and have an aluminum fence pool code.

Why is it Important to Install an Aluminum Pool Fence Kit?

The studies have shown so far how important it is to install aluminum pool fence gates. Here are a couple of reasons why you need an aluminum fence for pool:

  • Extra Safety and Security. As we mentioned above, especially when you have kids who love to play in the water, you need to take some safety measures. If you put an aluminum fence around pool you will be able to control their access in the area.
  • Legal and Insurance Rules. The statistics have shown that 300 children younger than 5 years die every year in pool accidents. At NW Aluminum we, as aluminum pool fence manufacturers, have aligned their aluminum pool fence ideas to these legal requirements. This is why we offer innovative protection methods to help you prevent any unwanted accidents from happening to your family members and pets.
  • Elegant Design. Think for a second about how cool your pool will look if you would install a fence around it. Our aluminum swimming pool fences in Toronto excel in terms of design. We are always up to date with the latest architectural trends and we put all our efforts to meet our clients’ needs. We analyze in detail how the rest of your outdoor space looks, and we do our best to fit our pool fence aluminum black in the entire scenario.

However, it is important to mention that apart from residential buildings, commercial businesses are particularly in need of such decorative fences. Swimming pools in hotels, water parks, cottages, or other business projects need to be secure and fenced according to the local building codes. We, as manufacturers and installers, can make aluminum pool fence for sale of any size for your purpose. Also, for large-scale projects and constructions, we have a great offer – aluminum pool fence wholesale.

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Is Aluminum Good for Pool Fence?

Aluminum is an excellent option when it comes to choosing a material for a pool fence. Its flexibility, hardiness, and good looks make it an attractive option for providing fencing for the pool area. Let’s delve into the top 5 key advantages of aluminum pool fence near me:

#1 Rust Resistance

One of aluminum’s merits is its excellent ability to resist rust and corrosion in a poolside environment that is moist and chlorinated. Aluminum does not rust in water hence an enduring solution that minimizes maintenance costs as compared to iron or steel.

For such purposes, wood or iron is not suitable and would be a poor choice. Iron will develop rust on iron, while wood will warp and swell over time. A bronze aluminum pool fence is a state-of-the-art solution.

#2 Durability without Weight

Despite its lightweight nature, aluminum is remarkably durable. This characteristic not only simplifies installation but also ensures that the fence can withstand the elements without compromising its structural integrity. You don’t have to worry that children or animals will break the structure, or that the white aluminum pool fence will fall due to strong winds.

#3 Aesthetic Versatility

Many designs can be made from aluminum pool fences. Aluminum is visually appealing and can take various shapes depending on your preferred design; it could be either smooth and modern or decorative, thus complementing the beauty of your pool surroundings. 

You can find different colors, thicknesses, and height options for aluminum pool fence panels. White, black, or bronze fences are sure to match and complement your exterior.

#4 Easy Maintenance

The black aluminum pool fence does not require much maintenance. The routine cleaning helps preserve the look of the pool enclosure, which makes it less cumbersome to come up with an easy solution. To clean an aluminum pool fence you just need to wipe it with a soft sponge or cloth with a cleaning agent.

#5 Environmentally Friendly

The aluminum material that is used for making swimming pools is ideal because it can be reconstructed and hence safe for the environment. Selecting aluminum is environmentally friendly, contributing to less environmental impact related to fencing materials production and waste management.

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Is Aluminum Fence Cheaper Than Steel?

Yes and yes again! Aluminum pool fence cost significantly less than steel products. This is because aluminum is easier to work with and weighs considerably less. This is why aluminum fences and gates are easier to create and transport as well as install.

However, aluminum is not inferior to steel fences in quality. Even very high-quality steel can start to rust over time. While aluminum panels will retain their original appearance and properties even without a protective coating.

Aluminum Pool Fence Installation

An aluminum pool fence is a measure that increases the security around the pool as well as gives elegance to your surroundings outdoors. Aluminum’s nature makes its installation process a smooth experience. In addition, its construction is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle during the entire installation process. Therefore, once purchased, you can install it on the same day.

Guidelines for Installing Aluminum Pool Fencing:

  1. Site Assessment: Evaluate the layout and size of the pool area. This will help determine the best place to install the fence.
  2. Post Installation: Install sturdy aluminum posts. They are necessary to create a solid foundation for the entire enclosure.
  3. Panel Attachment: Attach the aluminum picket panels to the posts. However, ensure that they are aligned evenly to give them a polished and uniform appearance.
  4. Pool Gate Installation: Incorporate a secure yard gate into the design for convenient access while maintaining safety standards.
  5. Finishing Touches: Double-check the alignment and integrity of the fence, making any necessary adjustments for a flawless finish.


Pool fencing application will ensure the safety of everyone living in a residential home or visitors to commercial businesses with swimming pools. However, a complete system with aluminum fencing and gates is not just about forced measures, they are about elegance and modern appearance. 

NW Aluminum offers you a wide range of fencing products in Toronto and professional installation services with a free estimate. Contact us to make your pool area attractive and functional. We will help you find awesome aluminum pool fencing at the best price! Contact us today, and tomorrow you’ll see an elegant aluminum fence continues to cover your perimeter, harmoniously blending security and modern design.

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