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Outdoor Stairs Railing in Toronto


Going beyond their original purpose – to provide safety and convenience of movement on the stairs, aluminum staircase railing kits in modern architecture have long been an integral element of the decor of both interior and exterior design.

It is very important to choose the right aluminum staircase railing panels, as outdoor structures have special requirements due to the impact of external factors. In this guide, you will learn what are the popular railing materials, how to select and install them, and why many people in Toronto now prefer aluminum staircase railing systems.

Popular Materials for Stair Railing: What to Choose?

Selecting high-quality outdoor handrails and railings is key to meeting building codes and construction requirements. This is important to protect small children from potential dangers. Appropriate aluminum staircase railing ideas provide safety and prevent possible accidents by preventing accidental falls from heights and injuries.

Compliance with building codes ensures the long-term stability of structures, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the reliability of the structure. A good aluminum staircase railing kit is not only a safety element but also an important component of the comfort and well-being of building users. Let’s take a look at popular materials for stair railings and why we recommend choosing an aluminum outdoor stair railings kit.

Wrought Iron Stair Railing

The main advantage of forged iron or metal railings is their strength and aesthetic appeal. However, their significant disadvantages are susceptibility to corrosion and rust, the need for regular maintenance, and a much higher cost than the aluminum staircase railing price.

Stair Railing with Wood Finishes

Previously, more railings were made of wood, because of their simplicity and cheapness. But now there are railings made of expensive wood that are very aesthetically pleasing. They provide a warm, natural, and cozy look. However, there are also disadvantages, such as the need for constant maintenance, lower strength, and a tendency to deform due to humidity and temperature changes.

Decorative Aluminum Outdoor Stair Railings

Aluminum outdoor stair railings for sale are an almost perfect solution for such purposes. Their durability and light weight are simply impressive. It is these characteristics that allow us to create any design and quickly install aluminum handrails for concrete steps at your home.

In addition, the main advantage is minimal maintenance and the safety feature. Exterior aluminum stair railing kits do not need to be constantly treated with something or painted. Such outdoor stair railings handrails perfectly withstand rain, snowfall, and moisture, and are not subject to corrosion or deformation.

Of course, every home or business owner counts on a limited budget. At the same time, Aluminum outdoor stair railings cost will definitely satisfy you. In our assortment, you will find both elegant and inexpensive outdoor stair railing and more luxurious glass panels. That is, you will be able to choose the perfect aluminum staircase railing cost for you.

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Aluminum Staircase Railing Installation

There are several ways to install a railing, which depends on the aluminum staircase railing design, its installation location and building code requirements:

  1. Direct mounting to the wall: This method involves installing carrier brackets or brackets on the wall to which the aluminum railing is then attached. This is the most popular installation method in Toronto when the railing runs along the wall.
  2. Fastening to steps on the porch or stairs: Aluminum railings can be installed directly on or next to the step using special fasteners. This provides additional safety on the stairs and increases their functionality.
  3. Railings on balconies and decks: Aluminum railings can also be installed on outdoor areas, balconies, or terraces to provide safety and design for the outdoor space.
  4. Built into the lawn or garden: If required, aluminum railings can be integrated into lawns or decorative landscapes to enhance the design of areas.
Outdoor Stairs Railing

How to Buy Aluminum Outdoor Stair Railings Near Me?

Are you at your wits end trying to find the appropriate aluminum railing for stairs on your construction project? What you have come across so far hasn’t answered the expectations you have.

North West Aluminum’s talented team can take the load off your shoulders. We have worked on a variety of projects.

NW Aluminum clients include:

  • Private homeowners
  • Apartment owners
  • Construction companies
  • Building contractors
  • Manufacturing and Industrial companies
  • Sports and recreational entities

They have come to us because we have been providing high-quality aluminum railing for stairs for a long time. The NW Aluminum has become associated with trust and uncompromising service delivery. We provide signature aluminum railing for outdoor stairs as well as aluminum interior stair handrail systems.

Our craftspeople have the experience and skills to develop and produce superior aluminum railing for stairs. From conception to installation they will work with you and take guidance from your ideas, safety compliance regulations, and architectural setup of your building to manufacture the absolute best aluminum railing for stairs for you.

The NW Aluminum team is always on hand to offer their advice and provide recommendations that will make your life a breeze.

We dare you to call us today.

Why Does North West Aluminum Care So Much?

We do this because we believe that:

  • You should get what you want
  • You shouldn’t be stressed by any project
  • You should get your money’s worth

The aluminum railing for stairs we develop for you will have many styles and be presented in many colors. When we present the designs the variety will blow your mind. We have a powder finish that enables the railing to maintain its elegance for a long time. You have the liberty to choose the final product.

Are you ready to be served with beautiful designs? Contact our craftspeople immediately at 647-952-5023 and talk to them about your aluminum railing for stairs needs.

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