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Aluminum Stair Balusters for Sale in Toronto


There are several elements in the construction of a staircase. Their types and quantities depend on the type of construction. If the staircase is equipped with a railing, stair balusters are used in the design, performing several functions. This article will explain why they are needed, what types of aluminum balusters there are, and what is important to consider when installing them.

What Functions Do Deck Rails with Aluminum Balusters Perform?

Balusters – this is the most significant design element of the staircase at the home, porch, deck, or other places. However, it should not be forgotten that railing balusters can also fulfill a load-bearing function. Thus, balusters perform three functions at once – decorative, protective, and bearing. Manufacturing of such elements should be carried out with strict compliance with stringent requirements relating not only to aesthetics but also to the functionality of products.

When a person’s eyes are drawn to the staircase, it is the main eye-catching element. Therefore, such products should perfectly match the staircase itself and the interior of the room in which they are located.

Balusters have decorative and practical functions. Their presence:

  • provides the staircase with additional stability, and rigidity;
  • gives the construction the necessary safety, and convenience in use;
  • makes the design of the structure attractive and harmonious.

Various materials are used in the creation of elements. You can use standard products or order NW Aluminum in Toronto to produce aluminum balusters according to exclusive designs. Competently choosing balusters for stairs can make them the main decoration of the structure, and the interior of the room.

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Types of Aluminum Spindles for Stairs

Aluminum baluster designs are divided into several types that differ in their shape and style. This is what determines the final aluminum stair balusters price. The more complex the design and larger the stair railing balusters, the more expensive they are.

Flat Aluminum Balusters

These decorative stair balusters are wide strips of aluminum, often with various decorative elements. They can have relief or be smooth. Their installation close to each other creates strong protection against external atmospheric influences such as rain, snow, or wind. These balusters are often used for balconies, terraces, porches, decks, or staircases in the house.

Round Aluminum Deck Balusters

These are popular choice in Toronto for lovers of classic aesthetics. The smooth, rounded shapes of balusters on staircases inside the home add softness and harmony to the interior. Plus, they fit perfectly into a wide range of architectural styles. Round balusters look elegant and attractive, and you can’t go wrong with them if you don’t know what to choose from NW Aluminum’s large selection.

Twisted & Curved Outdoor Stair Balusters

These balusters are remarkable because they have unique shapes that allow you to create a unique and unusual staircase. Their graceful curves add sophistication and originality to the interior. Such decorative stair balusters make stairs and railings visually attractive and unique in design. They can easily be an accurate reflection of individuality and style in the design of a room.

How to Choose Railing Balusters for Stairs?

When choosing a handrail balusters suit for a staircase, you should consider several criteria:

  • material from which the supports, steps, and railings are made;
  • design style of the staircase, the interior of the house;
  • financial possibilities.

Balusters for stairs made of aluminum have a lot of advantages over wood. These products:

  • possess high durability, long term operation;
  • are not demanding conditions;
  • do not need complex maintenance.

Due to the variety of materials, and manufacturing technologies, it is possible to choose such elements for any interior. Aluminum supports and end caps give the construction lightness. These are eco products, so they combine well with wooden steps, tempered glass railings, and other materials. They will look great even next to a wrought iron fence gate.


Make the right finishing touch for your staircase inside or outside the building with aluminum balusters. At NW Aluminum you will find a huge range of deck rail balusters. We are confident that everyone will be able to choose the perfect solution for themselves. If not, we will customize balusters just for you!

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