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At North West Aluminum, we ensure your fences make a bold statement. Every fence has two sides, and we are here to offer superior quality fence installations at an affordable price. We do both residential and commercial aluminum fencing with an unmatched level of service.

Why Prefer Aluminum Fencing for Sale?

Bemused about the material for the new fence around your home? While many go for wood or a chain-link fence, aluminum can be a smart option.

We present here some facts you need to know:

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Aluminum Fence in Toronto


Are you planning on building a new home or replacing an old fence? Then we recommend you look at aluminum fences for sale in Ontario. In terms of construction, an aluminum fence consists of the usual supports, covering, and posts. The only exceptions are the exclusivity and unusual design, as well as the qualities of the metal itself – its resistance to rust and lightweight.

At North West Aluminum, we ensure your fences make a bold statement. Every fence has two sides, and we are here to offer superior quality fence installations at an affordable price. We do both residential and commercial aluminum fencing with an unmatched level of service.

Why Choose Aluminum Fences Near Me?

Bemused about the material for the new fence around your home? While many go for wood or a chain-link fence, aluminum can be a smart option. Let’s look at the main benefits of ornamental aluminum fences for residential and commercial properties:


The cost of a fence comprises the material and the labor cost – the former being the dominant one. While some choose wrought iron for its beauty, it is an expensive option to consider. Wood can be an affordable material, but many ignore its maintenance cost while selecting. The maintenance of wood fences includes sanding, staining, and painting which can add up to your cost in the long term. 

Trust us — decorative aluminum fence gives you a good balance in terms of both initial and maintenance costs. Although you will find aluminum fence panels a little more expensive than wood, it will save you money in the long run due to low maintenance costs. In comparison with iron, it gives you similar features while being pocket-friendly.


Despite the quality, who wouldn’t want the fence to be good-looking? Most prefer the expensive wrought iron because of the attractive look it gives to the fence. But many are unaware of the similar classic metallic looks provided by an aluminum fence.

In addition to a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, we have fencing in a wide variety of colors:

  • Bronze Aluminum Fence: an extravagant option that is perfect for classic style homes as well as baroque with luxurious decorative elements and gilding.
  • Black and White Aluminum Fence: classic options that will fit perfectly with the look of modern homes in Toronto.
  • Metallic Aluminum Fence: you can also choose a simple option without additional coloring. This solution will complement minimalist houses.

Strength and rust resistant

No one wants to compromise on the quality. The strength of a fence is unquestionably a vital factor to consider while choosing the material. While iron provides the desired durability due to its great strength, wood requires regular maintenance to be in good form. Without good care, weather can destroy the wood fence, or it can also be affected by pests.

If manufactured properly, aluminum gives you the same strength as an iron fence (at a low cost). However, you should check the aluminum fencing for sale manufacturing quality, thickness, and malleability before the purchase. A well-manufactured aluminum fence lasts years without losing its look. 

In addition, aluminum is renowned for its rust resistance. This will make your life much easier, as the fence will not need frequent or expensive maintenance. We manufacture all aluminum railings and fencing ourselves. That is why we are confident in quality and the black aluminum fence cost is not inflated.


Most homeowners now tend to keep their homes as green (eco-friendly) as possible. Aluminum can help you live green outdoors too. You can prefer to buy aluminum fencing for sale made from recycled materials. You can also recycle your aluminum fence whenever you want to get rid of it. So we, as professional builders and installers, can confidently call our products safe for the environment, people, and animals alike.

Anton in Scarborough
April 2018

“Mariya and Sofiya were extremely helpful in choosing the design for our fence and side gate. Their estimator came out and addressed installation issues and offered few options to resolve them. The end result is just what we wanted. We had a few quotes done and they were very competitive. I would definitely recommend them.”

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Different Grades of Aluminum Fencing: Residential and Commercial Properties

Aluminum fencing is completely versatile based on the huge assortment of different designs. Let’s take a look at the differences between aluminum fence panels and what they are suitable for.


Aluminum fences are ideal solutions for residential purposes and this is because they are stylish as well as strong fences. They are also light to be easily installed, saving time. Aluminum fencing is sturdy and secure, making it suitable for families with kids and pets.

With a variety of styles and finishes, you can find fences to match any architectural style and home design. They are ideal for creating a cozy and safe space around the house. In addition, aluminum fence Toronto will ensure that both aesthetic and functional needs are met.


Aluminum commercial fencing proves useful in fencing off public areas, shopping malls, and office complexes. They are pleasingly strong and durable in areas of highest risk of damage and highly frequented areas visited by a lot of people. Custom aluminum fences can be done in different colors and styles, thus matching any corporate image.

Additionally, for commercial businesses, there is a large selection of complete solutions that include aluminum gates, glass railings, and fences. These provide not only security but also a professional appearance. It is very important for a commercial enterprise to meet security requirements and be visually appealing to its visitors.

Residential Aluminum Fence

What Sizes and Types of Aluminum Fencing Come in?

The variety of powder-coated aluminum fences presents a wide range of design possibilities. This is what will allow everyone to choose the optimal solution according to requirements, style, and budget. All our designs provide safety, aesthetics, and functionality for various applications. However, they also have their own features, which we will now consider.

Aluminum Blade Fencing

Exquisite aluminum fence slats provide an elegant appearance on the property, as well as durability that is not prone to corrosion. Their variety of styles and textures allows you to create the perfect fence that will blend perfectly with the landscape and exterior of your commercial establishment. In addition, this type of aluminum fence is great for use in private gardens and residential lots in Ontario.

  • Height: 3 to 6 feet.
  • Width: 2 to 4 inches.

Aluminum Slat Fencing

Today, modern aluminum slat fences offer a green alternative in commercial projects as well as open spaces. These are specially made to add beauty to the house side and they shall make the area safe. They are therefore the best option for individuals preferring a contemporary look as well as function in their home design.

  • Height: 4 to 8 feet.
  • Size of slatted elements: 2 to 3 inches.

Aluminium Tubular Fencing

Aluminum tubular fencing provides solid protection and a modern appearance for industrial facilities and sports facilities. They have good resistance to external influences and an impeccable appearance. It is a long-term and functional solution. This is why we recommend installing tubular fencing for commercial applications, or larger homes or cottages.

  • Height: 3 to 6 feet.
  • Diameter of tubing: 1 to 2 inches.

Aluminum Fence Installation

Besides our manufacture of top-notch aluminum fences, we have an installation service done to meet all local building codes. This way, when you call upon us for it, you will get the instant delivery together with the correct installation of your fencing. However, you can install them yourself if you have the necessary tools and knowledge.

Can you Install an Aluminum Fence without Concrete?

It is true; that aluminum fencing can be installed without using concrete. Traditional post concrete is replaced with different techniques such as the installation of the fence on special bases made of either metal or plastic base.

Some models of aluminum fences have special fasteners that enable them to be securely fixed on any hard surface without concrete. This represents an easy option that does not take up time and effort during installation especially if the concreting process becomes impossible or tedious.

Does Aluminum Fence Bend Easily?

Horizontal aluminum fences are highly resistant to damage, making them difficult to break. The material has the strength to withstand significant loads without deforming or breaking. Even when subjected to strong impact or wind force, aluminum fences retain their integrity and do not bend or break. This provides reliable protection and security at residential and commercial establishments. 

Summing up

NW Aluminum can help secure your outdoor space near your home or commercial property with durable and elegant aluminum fencing installation. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality, appearance, and great price of our aluminum fences and gates. Contact us for a free estimate, purchase, and professional installation of the best aluminum fence Toronto.

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