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Aluminum Balusters in Canada


NW Aluminum has a wide range of black aluminum balusters to choose from. There are more than 10 different balusters in our catalog. However, we can also custom-built a design that’s unique to you alone.

We have been in the business for a long time now. In fact, we consider ourselves a pioneer in baluster styling.

Regardless of the design of your deck or porch, our balusters will fit perfectly with the wooden or aluminum materials. These are also powder-coated to protect them from the elements, especially the extreme weather conditions.

Wide Array of Designs

You can select over 40 various options in terms of size, finish and color (and countless other permutations if you mix and match) that will allow your outdoor space to pop out, and be the envy of neighbors.

The advantage of hiring a professional is you avoid violating any of the provisions of the Ontario Building Code. For instance, do you know that the balusters should be spaced no more than four inches apart? These are the kind of details that will escape amateur technicians.

But you won’t encounter a similar problem if you hire us. The building code is our bible, after all.

Where we really shine, however, is customizing designs for our customers. There’s nothing like installing balusters that are distinctive from the rest of the neighborhood.

Our edge is in our team. We have the most experienced and skilled technical experts in the field. We also make sure to provide them with enough support in terms of further training, tools, and equipment to optimize their talents.

Why Install Black Aluminum Balusters?

Compared to metal or steel, aluminum requires zero maintenance because it doesn’t rust even if exposed to the elements. They also update the look of any house to a more contemporary feel.

A metal will quickly age a property, especially if the surface has already lost its luster, features cracked paint and a lot of rust. People might also assume that the inside of the house is not very well-maintained.

Regardless of the design of your house or business, our team of experts will enhance its best features with our aluminum balusters that stand out because of their color finishes.

Our balusters can be a good conversation starter because of their sleek aluminum construction and the elegant design.

We only choose the best materials for any of the projects we undertake. Believe us when we say that we have as much stake as you have in making your outdoor space a showpiece. This is where NW Aluminum showcases what it can do.

Hire North West Aluminum for Your Aluminum Railing Balusters Needs

North West also specializes in fabricating black aluminum square balusters at very affordable prices. You don’t believe us? Call our number at 647-952-5023 right now and talk to our customer representatives. We can give you a free estimate if you contact us today.  You can also ask your questions and relay your concerns. You will be referred to a technical person who will answer your queries professionally and proficiently.

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Color Palette

Ellipse 2-6

Pewter (P)

Ellipse 3

Cashemere (CM)

Ellipse 6

White (W)

Ellipse 4

Commercial Brown (CB)

Ellipse 8

Sandalwood (S)

Ellipse 5

Clay (C)

Ellipse 7

Black (B)

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